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  1. hey guys... i've been reading for a while but never posted...

    I recently harvested and attempted to slow dry but the bud started to smell a bit like hay so i went ahead and put it in a jar to be cured after 3 days... it's not moldy and i've been pretty careful as to let no humidity build up inside the jar... but the weed just doesn't smell like weed... it definitely smells like vegetation of some sort.. and there is a hint of citrus (although i grew Northern Lights)... any clue what's going on?
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  2. Yeah I would say the pine needle smell is close now that I think about it... I hung them in a dark closet (40% humidity) until I noticed they were drying too fast (hay smell) so I put them in a jar early... the hay smell diminsihed but now I have this new smell... is there any way i can take dry them properly at this point?
  3. Dude Citrus smell is a Sativa Strain trait. Just hang them normally. What is the low humidity we are talking about here? If it is super low do something to moisten it up a bit.
  4. so I wouldn't listen to any of the nonsense just said...nothing against it. you simply are seeing what happens during the drying stage....fresh marijuana smells very LOUD, then after dried it gains a vegetation smell you talk about(with only hints of goodness) now comes the timeless curing process...takes longer than a couple of days, sometimes weeks...but the marijuana slowly gains all its LOVELY smells back as it cures out pefectly, getting louder and louder by the day losing the vegetation smell(alll the hidden moisture in the buds) thus leaving us with again DANK loud smelling buds:D
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  5. As realdealz said just give it some more curing time.
  6. can`t wait my first grow! A whole bunch of smelly kind bud, mmm...
  7. i wouldn't be alarmed by it until you're further into curing. My buds usually have a "limp lettuce" smell after the first couple days but that goes away.
  8. Cool... thanks guys.
  9. so after you dry it, you put it in jars and let the air vent everyday for like 10min...and you do this for however long you want???this is my interpretation of reading other it right
  10. The way I do it:

    First, I hang the buds to dry, and place a oscalating fan faceing the wall by the buds, so no wind created by the fan directly hits the buds.

    Second, I wait until all of the stems snap in two easily. When this happens I know the buds are dry enough and ready to put in mason jars.

    Third, I fill up my jars 3/4s the way with dried buds, then close them off.

    Fourth, When I wake up the next morning I open the jars up and let them sit for 20 mins. Then re-seal them. (This is actually when the curing process begins)

    Fifth, I continue to open the jars and let them sit for 20 mins. everytime I wake up. (2-3 weeks)

    Sixth, I seal off the jars, and put them in a cool dark place for a month.

    Seventh, I open the jars up and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

    EDIT: If you're looking for a quicker way of curing buds, there's also the Water Curing Method.

    First, you fill a container (usually a Ice cooler with a drain tap,) with buds. Then place a plate heavy enough to hold the buds down on top of the buds.

    Second, Fill the container with water, enough to submerge the buds.

    Third, Keep out of sunlight, but do not close the lid to the cooler.

    Fourth, The next morning you wake up empty the water from the container, and re-fill it while trying to not disturb the buds, fill it in a corner, and slowly pour the water.

    Fifth, Continue to do this for 6 days.

    Sixth, on the 7th day empty the water from the container.

    Seventh, Hang the buds to dry and wait for the stems to snap.

    Eighth, Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    Note: When water curing you will lose some things in the water. A lot of smell, and taste is lost but the trichomes remain. Another thing that will happen is, the buds will shrink when you dry them to be a lot smaller then they would have been being dry cured, this is bad on terms of weight, but good on terms of trichome placement. When the buds shrink the trichomes are then placed closer to eachother allowing a smoker to inhale more thc per hit.
  11. Im not judgeing, and everyone has thier own process, but water cureing sounds a little to intense for me. I just put mine in a warm dark dry place and let the buds hang until dried to my likeing (roughly a week), then I put them in a tuperware container and air it out daily for a few weeks.
  12. Yeah, I jar cure myself.

  13. Gentleman and ladies I also am in a dilemna myself Im very very nervous because this is my first successful harvest. Now I hung the buds to dry for about only 4 days then placed them into jars and too a two day trip then returned. The weed hadnt built up any condensation on the jars but it has like no smell to it whatsoever and it looks like the best weed ive ever seen in my life except for online pictures. Now it being the about 10th day of being off the plant ive got them hung back up to dry more because the outside and inside are still moist, should I really wait until its dry enough to make the stems snap????? and after that U place them in the jars and the smell that was around when I was growing the plant should come back shouldnt it? please someone send me some words of encouragement and advice because Im panicking about this. It seems like its not as crystalized as it was on the plant either. I wanna know what the best way to cure it also, mason jar or wooden box??? my email is please someone that is a professional send me a message back Id appreciate it so much.:confused:
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    You hang them up to dry till the stem snaps. Not bends but snaps. That's when you know it is dry enough to put it mason jars or whatever you choose that is air tight. The reason you wait till they are dry enough for the stem to snap is so you don't get mold. If you put wet bud or bud that is not completely dry in an air tight environment like a jar then you can develop mold which is not good for the bud or your body. You open it up (some do it it every day, some a couple times a week) to air out for 10 to 20 minutes then seal it back up. You do this for a couple of weeks (usually 2 to 3) and then seal it back up and sit the jars or whatever your using in a cool dry place for about a month, Some go a couple of months. But usually a month is good. The smell will come back. Don't worry about it. When bud dry's there is always a little shrinkage too so don't worry about that either.

  15. alright guys my buds dried out too quickly hanging i think my room is like 65-70 all the time but the stems wont snap unless i stress them obviously what do i do just put them in mason jars now or what im gettin worried its gone to shit now.

  16. The outside of the bud may appear dry, but the inside is still probably quite moist. The purpose of the curing process (in jars) is to evenly distribute the moisture that has built up inside the bud. Even though the outside is dry, allow them to hang until the stems snap without having to stress them. When you put them in the jars the outside of the bud will moisten back up and you'll have some dank nugs.

  17. thank you so much goldengreens youve made my st pattys day a non-panicking day lol

  18. I just got nervous because I had them hanging then cut the stem length down so now they got about an inch of stem above the buds that is wrapped with the string i wonder if i shouldnt have cut down the stem??? i probably shouldnt have
  19. wether it smells like hay, tea, spice, citrus or the dankiest of dank-a-dank-dank nugs, it all boils down to how well it smokes in my opinion.

    have you tested a bit of it to see how well it smokes?

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