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  1. Hi all, I'm totally new to growing, but have done a lot of research, however, after I harvest, due to me having to go away for a couple of weeks, I will have time to dry the buds, but probably only a week to cure before I leave them...I know it's not ideal at all, but is there a way I can store them safely while I'm away without them being ruined? I've thought about the vacuum bag sealing method, would that work ok, thanks in advance for any help...
  2. 1 week may not be sufficient time to dry your buds enough to be sealed up for a cure. Totally depends on how dense they are.

    Once they are dry enough for a cure, you will be ok to not 'burp' them for a few weeks. I realize this isn't recommended but if they are dried out properly, then you shouldn't run in to any mold problems.
  3. Ok, thanks for that, I will try to dry for a bit longer if I can, as I said, I've never grown before, so will be a bit of trial and error, but you've got to start somewhere...would vacuum sealing be better for a couple of weeks rather than jars, but then put them in jars when I get back to cure properly?
  4. This is the method I use :
    Step One
    **Let air dry( in box, paper bag, whatever you choose) until the outside is crispy. The inside will not be. The stems will still be bendy on most of the buds.
    Step Two
    **Put buds in a jar and seal them up for up to 1-2 hours, maybe a tad less.
    ***back to step 1

    You just repeat these steps until the stems snap. I usually will end up checking the snap-a-bility of quite a few buds to make sure all is good.
    Once the stems will snap then the buds are ready to be sealed up :)

    With less dense buds I can have mine ready to be sealed up within 9 days. Dense buds could potentially take a couple weeks.
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