Cureing The Buds

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  1. :hippie:What do you do to cure the weed.Its it really just a shot name for Manicuring?:bongin:

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  2. I think you mean is it a short name for manicuring? No. Read some stickies.

    And dude this poll does not belong here.
  3. Curing is the act or process of preserving a product. Bacon is cured, for example. Not really the same as manicuring which is to clip or trim evenly and closely. So when you harvest, you manicure and then you cure. BTW I think I saw your bubble hash vid on you tube. Was that you?
  4. Im moving to Humboldt. Yeehaw
  5. Hey Humbolt. I'm over in Shasta County. Don't you love the way outdoor pot grows here? Curing brings out the flavor and scent of pot. If done right, your pot can be stored in jars for a very long time. Mine stay in jars, in the dark, all year with no problems. By the looks of your crop you will need many jars. I use 1 gallon jars.

    These are the buds from my Candy Shiva plant in six 1 gallon jars and a smaller jar.

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