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Cured sticky weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ReturnFire333, Jan 16, 2014.

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    Some dude on youtube is trying to argue me that if marijuana is sticky, it is not cured "correctly." This guy is saying that if weed is cured correctly, it is dry, and can be broken down by a simple finger crush. I'm saying the cure of bud is a matter of taste, climate, and opinion, there is no right or wrong way, as long as the curing is done properly. Some people want to let the bud out of a jar longer than others to make it dryer, others keep it in the jar to keep it sticky.
    This debate started because I jokingly posted on one of Tokin Daily's videos, "Colorado finger crush for that dry azz Colorado weed. Wouldn't be doin that wit no sticky."  I knew the Colorado climate made weed cure up dry, but a few people flipped shit because they ride that Tokin Daily d.
    However, I'm saying weed can be perfectly cured, and it is sticky, and you're not breaking that down into a bowlpack with your fingers without disturbing a lot of THC. Thoughts?
    Also, I just remembered the fact that alot of the stick from sticky weed is not moisture, it is resin (THC resin?) that makes the bud sticky.

  2. As far as I know, the "stickiness" comes from the amount of Trichome on the bud, not how well it was cured.
  3. TBH for the best burn, a dryed out "crushable" bud is best.
    Dry that sticky to dust yo!
  4. It's really everything to do with climate. In Hawaii all my weed is sticky, in tahoe it's all crumbly. Both are dank
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    You're both right to an extent. When freshly harvested and dried but not cured buds are unbelievably sticky, hard to use in a grinder etc. However, good buds cured for a long time get less insanely sticky, but will always leave your fingers sticky if you break it up by hand.
    I can't grind my homegrown weed in a grinder until 3 weeks cure minimum. I use a shot glass and scissors before that if I need to smoke on a harvest early.
    In my personable opinion I like to dry more than most people, I like my cured buds to be able to be crumbled by rolling your fingers back and forth. It burns the most consistently, it's not harsh because the flowers were treated properly and have been flushed before harvest. Anytime I buy weed I am surprised what passes for "dried and cured" bud for most people. Do people really like spongy buds? Pain in the ass to grind up and get burning evenly, and has a hot harsh smoke often.
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    some dude on youtube told me that the reptilians are going to take over the earth..
    take what you watch with a grain of salt..
    i have 2 month + old buds cured and it's still sticky when broken up (not sticky like it was the first week.. but sticky). it shouldn't be so dry that it grinds up into a powder when handled.
  7. The guy you were talking to must have been from colorado OP hahahaha. I want my weed slighty sticky.... I dont want that colorado dry bud lmfao 
  8. lol at influx of new CO smokers showing their expertise Segmentation fault.

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