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cure pink eye?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by The Third Eye, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. okay i was chillin with some friends yesterday and i had just found out that morning i had pink eye. one of my eyes was super red, so i smoked some good and then it masked how red my one eye was by making both of my eyes red. Now that is just the funny part. the next morning i woke up after going to sleep high and my pink eye is almost completely gone after only a little over one day. it seems crazy.
  2. Well, I am glad that it went away, but it was just coincidence. Sometimes what you think is pink eye is just eye irritation, which can go away in a day or two.

    Real pink eye is typically bacterial or viral, and is not affected by MJ.
  3. oh no it was pink eye. i couldnt open my eye the morning i found out i had it because of all the gunk, could it have been allergic pink eye, i hear that goes away really quick.
  4. someone pooped in your eye?:(

    jsut kidding....Did you use rohtos? one time I thought I had pink eye and used them and they were gone, but then again I was really stoned at the time
  5. I was thinking though... if it had any effect on your eye... It could possibly have helped by dilating the blood vessels and capillaries of your eye which would increase the amount of lymphocytes (NK, B&Tcells, Neutrophills etc.) and also increase the permeability of those capillaries allowing more lymphocytes to the site of infection. So basically the increased blood flow may have increased you body's natural ability to battle the infection... That is actually very possible!

  6. thats a very interesting explanation. that could possibly be what happened! gotta love the miracle medicine :)
  7. Lol...I can't help but get the feeling that you didn't really get a full blown case of pink eye. I've had it before, started with right eye tearing up badly and burning, then spread to left eye on accident. Both eyes were irritated for a week straight, and that was with the aid of prescription eye drops. Both eyes produced copious amounts of eye boogers for about 5 days.

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