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*Cure for the Coughies!!*

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Reefer_Madness, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, i had an early morning sesh about half an hour ago, and since it was right after i woke up, i started to get the coughies very easily. so i went into the fridge and made myself a cup of choclate milk and drank it. it melted away the coughies with ease. If u cant handle something sweet, try it with regular whole milk or soy milk. its pretty fantastic.
  2. Shamless

    .... *Sigh* BUMP!!!
  3. Ill have to try that next time... plus i love chocolate milk!
  4. i just drink water if i feel like im going to have that gag coughing takes care of it
  5. oh yeah, chocolate milk is a man's best friend
  6. I don't cough really.. But Choc. Milk would sound good anyways when you're high.
  7. Milk when high is heaven...
  8. I've drank a whole gallon in one day once. That was a good day, I slept like a baby with narcalepsy.
  9. Rofl yeah me and my mates must get through a couple =]...
  10. sorry but 'coughies??' .. come on man, just say 'i was f*ckin hackin up a lungskeeskeeskee' or something cool dude...
  11. i get a cough sometimes but i just take a sip of cough syrup
    +rep on repping Mitch hedburg "im gonna shave.. too!"

  12. This.

    No shit, ahahha. "The coughies" hahaha
    Kinda fucking hilarious
  13. Wake and bake with coffee, problem solved. :dealwithit:

  14. Dude, this thread is 2 and a half years old.

  15. Surprised the other guy before you didn't notice hahahaha

    I took a thread from the last page and bumped it :p
  16. In our group of friends if someone coughs we go "oooh heyy coughie!!!" or hey mr coughsalot

  17. This justifies your user name mate haha
  18. I'm so happy you reminded me to get a glass.
    If I didn't have it in my cupboard and saw this post I would have cried.
  19. hahaha. glad I'm not the only one who does this.....:devious:

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