Cure for burn outs?

Discussion in 'General' started by WaKInGmyCAdAvEr, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Last night around 2 I smoked 9 bowls of mids by myself and It was great but now I feel lethargic and lazy.I know some people like the feeling but I don't. And I've searched and the only answer I've gotten to prevent it was smoke better weed but I can't get any better where I'm
    from.also caffeine doesn't help.I drank 2monsters back to back and they didn't change anything.any one know how to end this and get back to normal
  2. Smoke less dank

    rather than smokin more mids

    and you will bee higher

    than if you smoked the mids anyway

    EDIT: but if you can't get dank I suggest smoking Sativa-dom strains.

    EDIT 2: I just realized that 9 bowls is why you got burnt out lmao!
  3. I get that way when I smoke some OK mids. Try to get more dank bud and dont smoke so much. :D
  4. Cure for burnouts?

    The almighty weed nap
  5. Dude you just get burnt out when you smoke too much ... Yea, I guess you could just smoke better weed, but less of it but if that is not an option just don't smoke so much damn weed to the face right before going to bed...

    And sex helps, maybe a BJ would do the trick.. Okay, definitely. :D
  6. yeah...caffeine isnt the answer..u need natural sugars...liek fruits...apples and peaches wrok do bananas...make urself a smoothie or soemthing:D
  7. stop listening to Waking the Cadaver and your desire to live life should eventually return
  8. One word: Sativa.
  9. Himalayan Gold is a fantastic sativa strain which i HIGHLY recommend. Not good for medicinal pain-relief consumption, though.

    but yeah, I don't know what else to recommend to you. I always have a nice freshly brewed cup of coffee when I feel like I'm burning out.
  10. Burnouts? Tell them to get a job.;)

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