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CUMMIN to you live froma shack in an ice storm in south arkansas

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Feb 27, 2003.



    why your probably asking..this sob must be bored out of his fricking mind..well..your right
    ice equals fucked up trees and stuff...local tree service needs help

    BAM!! namron is gonna make a call in about 30 minutes and find somethin out
  2. tis pretty lucky for you your generator will run your computer! got heat brotha? :)

  3. yeah..the generator runs half the computer juts happens to be on the working half..

    yeah, we can heat and cook and hot water etc..all thats gas..woo hoo!!
  4. how much ice and snow?.... we got dumped on w/ about 20 in here in ny....
  5. im not sure exactly how much, but there are tree tops touchin the ground and we dont have any its enough :p
  6. ho ho. agian mother nature helps someone else out well screwing me! Were supposed to be the ones with the ice and snow and all that good tree snapping shit!
  7. you in the tree bidness?
  8. yepyep manI gotta get a job pronto too!!
  9. Damn Norm.. We got a little of it
    . Supposed to get more from the storm that just hit you.

    GHlad to see you got a generator and heat. You even got a job so I know you are high with out the pot!
  10. haha, yeah, im pretty stoked, but, i didnt get ahold of the guy, but i do know they didnt find help as of closing time, so first thing in the morning im going to find something out and probably more than likely help.
  11. im tryin chief im tryin
  12. Ya gotta chainsaw? Ya gotta truck? Ya gotta a place to stash wood?

    I hope you answered yes to all of these questions. If not you could be thrown out of the Great State of ARKYSAW.

    I've filled my pockets many times shoveling or cutting on my own. What ya need a boss for?

    While I got ya here,

    I have no idea why monkeys fling poo. You'd have to hit with me that one back when I was in a sitch that your in now. i've spent the whole hanging around my worldwide comglomerate corporation, wondering why you have to be such an idiot to run a big company. My brain hurts.

    As for death threats from an ex girlfriend, well what can I say, they always have signs along the highway around the state prisons saying NOT to pick up hitchhikers, they could be escaping. You should have listened.
  13. if i had picked her up on a highway i wouldnt hav ethis just take her bakc and drop her off

    im for real tho...there are people around her that have been in prison its kinda got me jeebied.
  14. Just what in the hell did you do? You animal!
  15. ive already fed her

    she just says that if i ever break up with her, in a serioius way, that there are several people that would kill me..several of them, include the prison people:p....anywho, we live an hour apart and thats starting to get to me, shes also starting to get too close and all that, also my conciense is killing me, i was her first.
  16. ya, just had to go pick yerself a crazy one.
    i know,....make her wanna break up with YOU!
    might just work....
    g'luck anyhow.....
  17. im afraid i would od on majik fixit stuff right now..

    if it wasnt for the whole, being her first thing, then i might not have that big of a problem breaking up with her, but, thats like a big thing and such, and i feel bad.
  18. You are going about this all wrong Norm.. Start doing things that she doesn't like. Don't do real stupid shit but any thing she doesn't like. After a while you do enough stuff that she doesn't want to be around you any more.

    It will work if you do it right. She'll break it off in you. I meant she will break offf with you..
  19. haha yeah, i seen that, and laughed..

    its just the fact that...RKLAFJOAJOVIEHJROGA

    i just dont really know what to do...i know i could be happier, but i care about her enough to hate to break her heart.


    should i start canceling dates..or what?

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