Cuming in her face!

Discussion in 'General' started by Wish_I_Was_In_Amsterdam, Jan 23, 2001.

  1. Last weekend I cummed in a girls face I didnt mean to.She was on her back and I was on my knees fucking of course. I hadnt had sex all week and I guess pressure had build up and I pulled "The Legend"(that's my dicks name)out and pop landed all in her face and some in her hair I couldnt help but laugh...You could say she was mad.

  2. The legend?!

    LMAO! That's a name I've never heard for a penis.

    Why would you want to pull out? That's when you're supposed to drive him on home!

    Peace [​IMG]
  3. i noticed women dont seem to like it when you cum on there faces.

  4. u guys are lucky, i have yet to get laid. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Augh! All the girls I ever get with I eventually find out are just trying to get money or drugs from me. I always seem to realize this and I guess that's why I'm still a virgin. I named my penis after the Neon Genesis Evangelion weapon: The Lance of Longinus. The lance from the show is this huge ass spear that is thrown by mechs, it twists into a dart...and flies right at the enemy. It can penetrate any AT field! ::laughs:: [​IMG] !!!!

    " Ramen is good, until
    you're strangled with it"
    ~Baka @
  6. I didnt name my penis some girls did...


  8. dude its called "pointing out the obvious as a joke"

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  9. um... thanks deadhead but i can fight my own battels, except the drug war.
  10. Be nice, people!

    Not that I don't think that aeroblurg can not fight his own battles. [​IMG]

    If we continue to have unregistered members flaming like that, then we'll just have to change the requirements to where you have to register to be able to post.

    I'd really like to have a board where there is no name calling like that.

    Peace [​IMG]

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  11. kodajake posted twice on the board one in the humor fourm and here, so he wasnt here just to flame!

  12. Sometimes the words just have to be said...That was not a joke. I think it was the humor of an inexperienced young man. (like racist jokes/fat...ect..surely we are witty enough to get a laugh from the world around us, without hurting numerous strangers That is what was pointed out..... ps.. Get on the receiving end ..see if u still think its funny. [​IMG]....pps i am just waiting for my password, i dont speak my mind and run.

  13. Well welcome Koda n jake!
    I'm glad to see that you're staying with us.
    It's not like it's against the rules to swear here; there's plenty of examples of that here. I just don't have a very high opinion of name calling. It's natural to get angry sometimes. Please try to find a cleaner way of expressing it.

    Peace [​IMG]
  14. OK...cumming in a womans face is degrading...or Duh!!!What a moronic statement...
    I'm sure what was said in the original post by Wish_I_Was_In_Amsterdam
    was more offensive to most, than my original answer...but ill play nice
    (btw.. (Wish I Was in)...for whom the answer was meant)

    Admin note: Fixed the quote

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  15. so were all cool here?

  16. yea dude, sorry
  17. I am concerned about our members directly attaching each other. I'm happy to see that a truce has been called. (by all but Koda n Jake)

    If I were concerned that what members post links to might offend people I'd say we should delete the links to "" (and such).
    I'm not really worried about offending people; they can choose not to go to the sites we post links to if they wish. I just don't want us attacking each other. You can express yourself without degrading anybody.

    "It seems to me that cumming in any woman's face would obviously not be to her liking" sounds better to me than any phrase with the word "Duh" in it.
    I'm not saying that you all need to sound just like budburner, but I think you get what I'm saying. (If not, I'm willing to clarify)

    (BTW there's little difference between a registered member's flaming and a non-registered member's flaming. It's just that with a registered member, there's usually an e-mail address to communicate more directly with [​IMG])

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  18. im to blame for takeing offence to a statement directed to aeroblurg. its just, like i take a lot of things in a bad way. sorry for all the troubel i caused.
  19. My reply was meant for "wish i was in amsterdam" ..not areoblurg..(i got button happy)....his comments deserved all he got,
    including my first reply...(how i chose to say it was and is my business.) U chastised me for "language" ..please...check ur boards. It is not normally how i would answer a post but in this case..i think it was appropriate...(admin note: express yourself without name-calling, please)

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    Admin note: fixed the quote

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  20. Girls???? did they get together and decide the name...take a vote....or is it a "Legend in your own mind"


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