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Discussion in 'General' started by MAgrowing96, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Did they take the cultivation forum off of the iPhone app? Or am I missing something? I can pull it up on my laptop but not this

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  2. I'm on my iPad and it's there. Don't know why you don't see it
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  3. We are working on releasing a new Android version live ( getting our app reinstated ) for a day or two cultivation forums will be hidden
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  4. Oh ok cool
  5. I
    can't find one I either
  6. Pretty sure this is a boy, sure need a second opinion, should I just rip it out now if it is ?

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  7. After looking at the pic, wasn't sure if you were joking, I definitely giggled a bit.

    If you don't want all your girls pregnant and full of seeds, I'd go ahead and give it its wishes and send it off into weed heaven.
  8. Haha well I'm glad, yes half serious I suppose, it's just my first grow and didn't want to make some "rookie error" hahaha
  9. No, that's fine. My first grow too. It's just when most ask, the plant is only a couple of weeks old and barely showing any sign if at all. Yours is in full bloom, just caught me off guard. By the way, those pollen pods are going to open and dump pollen any sec. If it is in with your girl plants, I would spray it down pretty good with a spray bottle ( very fine mist until it's very wet)and remove it from the room. No shaking it.
  10. Sorry Man..a Dude for sure:(
    Penis Top Gun.gif
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