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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tokintilchokin, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. So I'm into the whole IFC channel at the moment. And i was just looking around and I saw the movie Cube was on. It only had 30 minutes left in it but it looked pretty crazy and I was high so I turned it on. CRRRRRRRAAAAAAZZZZZYYYYYYY movie. I'm gonna rent it tomorrow on De Be De (for all you spanish speakers) cuz I really wanna see the first hour and a half. Has anyone else seen it?
  2. dude im going to download that movie RIGHT NOW
  3. who's in it???
  4. I saw it a few years ago. It starts out like an old Dungeons and Dragons game. "You're in a square room. There are four other people there with you that you have never met. There are six exits from the room and five are booby trapped." Pretty wierd flick. If you like it, i'd reccomend Event Horizon and In the Mouth of Madness.
  5. It's probably no one you've ever heard of since it's semi-independent. But they played their roles great.

  6. it's a totally fucked up movie! imagine being trapped in a box that constantly moves around and tries to kill you... smoke a bowl and get comfy

    "If you like it, i'd reccomend Event Horizon and In the Mouth of Madness." right on - event horizon still creeps me out even though i've watched it a million times.

    IFC rocks - for those of you who like the oddities of life
  7. Its a very good movie!

    Resident Evil kinda ripped off the bit where that guy gets diced! it was much nastier in cube!

    And I like how it ended! (but wont ruin it for anyone)
  8. yeah that mavie was fucking sweet... the acting and most of the dialogue sucked, but just the concept.. watch it if you havent seen it yet!
  9. That movie is good, I liked it.

    There is also news of Cube 2 coming out.
  10. I've never seen that movie. I've also never heard of "IFC". Maybe if I had this "IFC" I could see it.
  11. Cube fucking rules man! It's so different.

    And as for Event Horizon.... fuck! The part with the latin screaming and shit..... agggghhh!
  12. Sounds cool, all of you need to go out and watch 'Reanimator' now. It looks like a shitty 80's horror film at first but it's messed up. There's a scene with a zombie kitty cat and two guys beating on each other for a couple minutes straight.
  13. yeah, i got that from the video shop last week. i think the budget for that film was really really low.cost fuck all to make. its the idea that makes it good,if it wasnt set in a weird cube then it would be crap. no one ever thought of such a strange idea for a film. i did fall asleep half way through though so i missed the end, got to the bit when the cop is nuts and drops a girl to her death. and the docter woman is goin mad. its kinda cool cause they all start goin nuts. they r all kinda normal at the start. they should make a cube games on the gamecube.
  14. yeah man, i think the budget was only around 400k.. the entire movie was just 1 set, and they used colored lights to make the rooms look different.. they had some dope special effects though, especially considering the budget they had to work with

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