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CT DANK headies pickup-macros

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by vezinapotomis, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. What's up GC, haven't gotten around to posting any budshots in a while so I thought I'd share this pickup. Set me back quite a bit but it was worth every cent, this is some of the best bud I have personally ever smoked. Not sure what the strain is because we almost never get names around here but it is daaank. It smells very strong right through triple bags, the smell is rather lemony. It smokes very smooth and the high is outstanding, definitely a strong head high that had me ripped for at least 3 hours on a pretty good tolerance. It is extremely dense too, a bowl of this stuff is like the energizer bunny-it just keeps burning and burning. I didn't get around to taking pictures until most of the big buds were gone already but here are a few macros of what's left-enjoy:smoking:



  2. Bomb ass bud man, you happen to live anywhere near suffield?
  3. looks amazing.
  4. Tasty nugs, where in CT are ya? I too am in CT :)
  5. yea im in ct too where u guys from if u dont mind me asking stamford here
  6. looks pretty good bro. How much it run ya?
  7. I'm at school in Willimantic right now but he sometimes drives pretty far to pick up so this could have come from almost anywhere in New England. The zip was 350 which probably seems high to some but that's pretty much the best you can expect to do around here.
  8. eastern connecticut su huh? i kno a few people over there
  9. where are you guys hiding at :wave:im in central ct
  10. yo. thats some sick bud right there bro you did well.
    i'm from southwestern CT :D
  11. im in eastern CT haha whad up
  12. looks pretty dank
    350s a bit much, but if it smokes good, prolly worth it

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