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|CS/Houston| QuadBraid Tulip, ~BHO~, -Microscope- Pics, BUHBUHBUDDERRRR [ pics]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by peabody624, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT DO WHAT U GUYS DO DOUBLE a king size paper and twisted them together and taped...u see i knew i want go to texas a&m so i could meet tokers like you guys....sorry i to high rite now i need more detail on quadbraid tulip
  2. Those papers you can choose your length and cut it, we did 4 extra long joints. My friend braided them. I have no real detail on that, I looked away, looked back, and it was perfectly braided together. We then wrapped gums around it at certain points to keep it held together as it burned.

    Then my friend made a tulip (two normal papers together, folded diagonally) and attached it to the end.

    Just the tulip took 20 minutes to burn, the whole thing took about 45 before the resin was too caked to pull through air anymore. We broke out the resinny blockage and bonged it.

  3. hella fireya man thanks on the info..that well be the next gen of rolling can wait to try it wen i get my next pick up
  4. Feels good to know that this thread came from the Houston area.:hello: Fuckin nice pics man, and awesome joint you had there. Im on the southwest side.
  5. Damn you must be the dank master.
  6. that was absolutely beautiful
  7. it makes me so happy to see fellow houston oilers! :hello:

    houston buds sure do make great oil dont they?
  8. wtf bro, you gotta buy me some new boxers....they were white before i saw those pics...

    i pooed from seeing this :hello:
  9. Actually I live in College Station and that's where that BHO's bud (the maui wowie) was from, but I originate in Houston and know that the bud there is amazing and would make some fantastic oil.
  10. Epic post. Superb pictures of the budder. :smoke:

  11. Budder is no more concentrated than BHO
  12. You are the oil master. Why is it not more concentrated? I whipped it over heat and it became more crumbly and a slightly smaller amount
  13. Why would it be? All you did was stir it to change the consistency. You could also turn it from budder back to oil, that wouldn't make it any less concentrated.
  14. Damn that budder looks AMAZING! wish I could've smoked that quadbraid tulip... :cool:
  15. #35 peabody624, Nov 3, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 4, 2010
    It just seemed to be a smaller and more concentrated amount based on that change in consistency and color. I just followed what little information I could on how to make budder (hash bean's video)

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