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  1. I've been reading up on their alleged effects and meanings.. and I don't know, it's kind of freaky. My birthstone is amethyst. I've had this amethyst clock since my first trip to Texas 5 or 6 years ago, during my freshman year of high school. It's pretty cool, it's almost like they found a wall of amethyst and ripped a small patch out, carved out a hole in the center, and stuck an analog clock face in there.

    Amethyst's properties:

    Amethyst, Metaphysical Properties, Healing Properties

    These describe me pretty well. There's more metaphysical in there if you're into that stuff, but as far as personality goes, that's how I feel, in a nutshell. My roommate's is emerald, and it fits her.

    Can you guys relate to your birthstone's personality properties? Do you believe in the metaphysical/spiritual aspects or just believe it's a whole lot of hooplah?
  2. Have you reap up on or heard anything about putting a crystal in watter shinning a type of light on it and this creates life?Something alchemical about it.It has to be a certain light aswell I think I heard.

    Ofcourse this is all speculation becouse I don't have the resources to back it up but if you did some searching something should come up.Very interesting to say the least.Just goes to show we are creators and thought creates energy that then itself manifests in the 3 demnsional form.We are creator gods if you want to call us that.Though I don't think a god exists.Just advanced beings and from our perspective Kgods".

    Pharohs were gods.If you look into the Mathmatical calculations of the pyrimids.19.5 COMES UP…
    19.5 degrees slice an apple in that way.You will see a pentagram.A Five sided shape.We come down in physicality from a halographic standpoint.This is why all living things have five sides.This is also thy the cia has the pentagon.They know this and have known this.

    This whole apple,19.5(alchemical calculation)and the garden of edan may come together somehow.Sorry for random explanation I'm abit stoned smoking some durban poison Iso oil.This shit has me thrown under the bus man
  3. These crystal seem to give me mountains of energy when I consume them!


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