crystals producing on leaves (white rhino strain)

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  1. my white rhino plant has been budding for about 4 weeks now but i do not see any signs of crystals.. and none on the leaves either.. when should i start noticing them?
  2. It might help if you can post some pictures plus a lot more information.
  3. It will come. But yeah pic's, and more details are needed to help diagnos possible problems.
  4. the only pics i have is with the HPS light on.. here ya go.. if u want some when it is off i can do it later today.

  5. Nice pictures, shame about all that TIN FOIL! Nice looking plants though, you shall see Trichomes soon enough.

    Good luck
  6. give them some molasses if they are in more than 3 tbps per gallon..

    need to give some details
  7. why would i do that?
  8. can i expect my buds to look like this?

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    what cha think?
  10. They should look just like that given time, you gonna upgrade the dreaded tin foil then?
  11. to swell your plants, aid in resin production...pretty much make your plant better in every way
  12. just off the shelf molasses? nothing special?
  13. Blackstrap molasses, there is a difference.
  14. can i pick this up at a local grocery store? also keep in mind i have been flowering for about 1 month now.. it isnt too late to start?
  15. unsulpherated! which is store brands work..plantation,grandmas are a you give it any other ferts....might i recommend foxfarm tigerbloom

  16. well does this give you some indication of why you would do that lol

    molassas is a very good plant food it makes your buds sticky and sweet smelling

  17. ah ok ill pick some up.. should i use it every other watering like ferts?

    yeah i use tiger bloom and big bloom.. just finished its final grow big cycle.
  18. mix it with your other solutions...but make sure to mix it in hot water first to help the molasses dissolve. start out with 1 tbsp...every other feeding...then add as much as it will tolerate more than 3tbsp per gallon.
  19. so i can start right away? i kept reading i should only start 2 weeks before i harvest.
  20. nice grow man im sure the trics will showup soon which seedbank did you get them from?

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