Crystalline THC-A cartridges?

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  1. I have been making my own dab cartridges with "OIL 710" ready m8x stuff and has been great. But I was thinking, what if I were to mix some of that white crystalline THC or THC-A stuff with the ready mix stuff? It has USP Propylene Glycol. Thank you all for your time. Much appreciated. Correct me im wrong in any way.
  2. disclaimer: all speculation below vvv
    I bet the main thing to focus on would be getting the crystals completely incorporated/ blended into the oil / mix. you don't want to have any sort of chunks for almost all cartridges.
    I say try a small batch and see if that mix dissolves the crystals all the way.
    I would suggest crushing it up the best you can before hand.
    if you can get it all homogenized into a normal looking oil for the cartridge, the THC-a / crystals should atomize fine.

    what kind of carts are you using to fill? post pics? :)
  3. I havent had money to spend on crystalline. Well I guess. 36$ a gram I think. of THC a. Not to bad I guess. But I was wondering if anyone else had done or heard of doing this before I try.
  4. I will be using some 710 ready mix for a small batch of experimental cartridges soon, but not with diamonds or crystalline THC, just shatter.

    I’ll shoot you a message when I post anything about it.

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