Crying Orgasm

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  1. Any ladies ever experienced this?

    My gf has only done this once, and it was kind of weird. I didn't know how to react lol

  2. I've never been with a girl that did. Was her head slamming up against the head board?
  3. I've definitely cried from an orgasm before. Lets just say... it is a VERY good sign.
  4. [quote name='"RecStoner"']I've never been with a girl that did. Was her head slamming up against the head board?[/quote]

    I think it might've been the wrong hole, if I read the post right.
  5. It happened to me, my boyfriend just laughed. It was probably because when i realized that i was crying I started cracking up.
  6. Yes, things can get THAT intense while fucking. It happens sometimes. Not unusual, but I don't think it's overly common either.
  7. My wife just gets speechless to a point where she can't talk. It's awesome!
  8. I've teared up before cause I've had super intense orgasms but not crying lol. I mostly get speechless and then giggle:)
  9. I always cry during sex.

    My girlfriend hates it.
  10. For me, no. Not during an orgasm. But last week when I had sex I cried for the first time from the pain. I was embarrassed after.
  11. Only a few times with one boyfriend. Its a good sign haha, it was just those few times were super intense and just emotionally connected to a point that it drove the orgasm over the edge haha. Sometimes my eyes water from intense orgasms as well. I've never like sobbed from sex, its more like tears while I moan super loud hahah.
  12. Yes, but it had a lot to do with the fact that I was furiously punching her in the face at the time.
  13. I think she loves you, time to run!
  14. hey, happens to the best of us..wait,
  15. Rape is a helluva drug.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Well...I don't cry but if I'm cumming really hard, my whimpers/moans will get really high pitched, and out of context it might sound like crying or pain...but most guys think it's pretty hot...had one who didn't though.
  18. I don't cry during sex! I'm just allergic to that area down there...
  19. That is SO FUCKING HOT!:yummy:
  20. Yeah I've had a few girls tear up during a straight vaginal orgasm, I pounded them pussies like an animal hard; straight up dominated that. Anal will also make a girl cry during an orgasm, if you fuck her ass and play with her clit it will send her to the moon.

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