Cry From a Tortured Soul

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by SirChubs, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. An old one of mine, but the most recent too. Well anyway, this one is about a few things...loss of a girl, and alcohol to compensate for my delerious state of sadness. Umm, enjoy...

    Cry From a Tortured Soul

    These overwhelming burdens
    They have returned
    I should be sleeping
    But instead
    A familiar warm liquid
    Flooding my rivers of scarlet
    Turning my vision blurry
    My thoughts soon follow suit
    Overanalizing this as well
    As everything else that can be

    Overthinking, racing
    Making this impossible.
    To turn back time
    Would mean to find the solution.
    Sweeping back to the past
    Will surely solve everything
    If only,
    If only.

    This trust that's been broken
    Was never there
    The lies have been unearthed
    I don't really care.
    Absolutely nothing compared to this.
    Everything else seems insignificant
    When shown against this light.
    As quickly as it came
    It falls again
    As wonderful as it was,
    It's horrible again.

    This primitave form of self-torture,
    Firey liquid of the gods,
    Taking it's toll.
    Eyes getting heavy,
    Reality in a daze.
    I care for you,
    But I don't care now.
    I long for you,
    But I hate you now.
    I wonder what you are thinking,
    Though my own thoughts are unclear.

    As much as I try
    The memory can not be killed.
    I'll never love anybody,
    The way I loved you.

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