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Crumbly hash, any good?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheGreenBarsteward, Oct 22, 2022.

  1. Got a small bit off my guy and it came in bits. It smells a little of weed and really doesn't like to roll into a sausage (my preference for rolling)، more crumbles but sticks in clumps and leaves my fingers sticky.
    Sat on it for a few hours and it stays in a block and pulls apart like firm gritty playdough. Got the option to buy a block at the end of the month which I split with mates.
    Just woke up and smoked a joint, I'm struggling to judge the high, not sure if it's weak, or one of the less heady high types.
    I'm a lightweight and pretty new to hash that isn't soapbar from my youth, so it does me. I just don't wanna give my mates bunk stuff.
    Although this rambling post suggests I might be more high than I feel...
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  2. Crumbly can still be good
  3. [​IMG]

    This is Dry Ice Kief power shaken from the Buds. It is pure Trichomes. Under a microscope it is all stalks with tiny globular heads on them.

    Hash = Compressed Kief.

    Under a Microscope it should still have all the stems and globes that Kief does.

    Consistency can vary from a solid hard block you need to heat to even cut some off to crumbly near sand consistency depending on how oily it is and how much moisture (water) it may contain.

    Middle of the road Kief-Hash should be at least 3x as potent as buds.

    Buds = 15% THC
    Kief - Hash = 50% THC
    Wax - Shatter - Live Resin = 90% THC

    Smoke some by itself. As a Bud smoker the Hash should knock your socks clean off.

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