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  1. was jus wondering how hard they search or if they even do when u gt back on the ship after being at a port?
    ill be stoppin in jamaica and some other islands and wood like to bring herb back on the boat
    how succesful can i be, any points ot tips?
    i wanna get fucked up on this cruise but dont wanna be risking shit

  2. go on a cruise with free boozes
  3. where do you reside in IL??

  4. skokie. cook county
  5. I dunno how hard they would be. Im going on a cruise this summer and that would be sick if you could bring some back on the boat. But I would defintiley go for the drinks too.
  6. i have been on a few cruises, they check your bags(sometimes strict, sometimes lax) but they never check what is on you
  7. Tight man...I go to school in Kansas but I grew up in Evanston. What are you paying for bud, and are you getting any good headies? Unfortunately over spring break I couldn't get anything back home because I lost touch with all my old contacts.

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