Croxx69's First DWC CFL. "Grow Journal"

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by croox69, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. So i've been wanting to do this forever to learn and start my journey into the world of hydroponics, This is my first attempt at a setup / grow.

    As of now i'm using 2 airstones. a 30 - 60 pump. 18gal tub. rockwool cubes. and the normal hydrotron rocks.

    These Pictures are at DAY3


    As far as lights At the moment i'm working with 2 100wat CFL 1750 Lumen output (For the side lights)

    Middle light is a 42wat (equal to 150) 2700 lumen output.

    For now due to money and experience I'm getting through the first stages with the CFL's I plan to add a few more of the bigger ones. and in a few weeks i'll buy a T5 for veg and 300w HPS for flower.

    As far are nutes just using the GH standard.

    Hopefully I don't look like to much of a noob, any advice is always appreciated.

    Happy growing. :smoke:
  2. Hey there Crox, I have nearly the same setup I just haven't been able to start the grow show yet. Any chance on an update?:wave:

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