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Crossfading questions (high and drunk)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bigmac53, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. I just started getting into weed recently and I have been drinking for a while now. I have been crossfaded twice so far and its pretty cool but can turn bad. Last time I ended up throwing up. I wasnt that drunk but after I smoked it turned things to a whole different level. It was a bad expierence. My question is should I drink or smoke first? Also for the best expierence should I get more drunk than high or more high than drunk.

    Anyone who wants to share any other info or tips please do. thanks
  2. When I used to drink I would smoke first and then drink, soon you most likely realize your money is better spent on weed though and just get stoned instead.
  3. I'd smoke first and then drink. I think it kind of is hard to take when your stomach is full of alcohol (or another hard to take substance). Although, I don't really crossfade much unless I'm partying, I mostly just like to chill with weed.
  4. ya forsure.. idk I like to crossfade at partys now. So you think smoke then drink?
  5. Id drink for a lil bit, smoke up, and then go back to drinking but thats just me lol
  6. I find that if I drink too much then smoke, it can give me the spins. When I smoke then drink I never have this problem. I think it is better to smoke first, but I could be wrong.
  7. take 2 shots, take a couple bt's. and you should be chillin, just memeber when you drink it has a way stronger effect then herb. i always drink first, because when you drink after blazing your tolerence level basically disappears you could drink all night. (at least thats my experience)
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    I never enjoyed doing it at the same time, or smoking first. Get as drunk as you want, then do some HOT KNIVES. It is fantastic. It's like being drunk, then getting hit in the face with the high hammer.
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  9. I would recommend sticking to one or the other, and not to combine them.

    Bad things can happen (vomiting, black outs, pasing out, etc.) or you could just stick to the couch and not move and eventually fall asleep.
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    Start small, like 3-5 drinks depending on tolerance, and smoke a j or 2, just the usual. work up from that. IMO getting the spins (getting sick as fuck and puking) breaks the intensity of the combo. after a while, you'll be able to drink and smoke alot without getting sick or brainfucked. oh and take it slow, plus beer and weed > liquor and weed.

    Edit: A 32 oz of Budweiser + 3 gram blunt to the face is my recommendation once you have a little experience.
  11. Whenever I do it I drink a lot, then I smoke, then I drink some more.
  12. If you really want to get crossfaded, my best combination is:

    40 of Mickey's
    1 gram

    smoke half first, drink half the mickey's as fast as you can, smoke the rest of it, then wash it down with the rest of the mickey's.

    It will get you pleasantly cross-faded (unless you have a really high tolerance to alcohol and/or pot) but not drunk.
  13. the only time i've ever thrown up from drinking involved a lot of weed, a lot of liquor, a lot more weed, beer, and then more weed. i think the weed, booze, weed doesnt work well for stomachs. but other than that, it's always a great time mixing the two.
  14. I agree. I learned the hard way lol.
  15. First time for me was a few beers then a few bowls - gave an interesting high.
    ...Did that again and had a similar experience...
    Then it was 8 shots of Captain then some damn good bud - was out for the count.. laid on my buddies floor in between blacking out and spinning hardcore. NEVER AGAIN.
    Then the most recent was a shit ton of beer then a few bowls - good cross-fade for the rest of the time out, but when I got back I was spiiiiiiiiiinning..HATE that feeling.

    I have decided if I want to smoke after drinking, no drinking games and only a few beers. No hard liquor.

    I now prefer weed.. but when you're at a party where everyones drinking, I don't wanna be odd man out.
  16. haha aight.. well last time I had around 6 beers and 3 bts... i ended up puking.. So I am gonna have a few a hits to the point where im coming up almost high and then have a few beers or so..
  17. Yes. except. smoke weed then get high, keep ur mouth feelin ashy and shit, then go drink 2-3 beers. for a lil beer feel
    it feels nice.
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    Gonna revive an old topic.
    I've read lot of warning about getting cross-faded and often the recommendation of smoking(vaping first, then drink. And that I shouldn't overdo it. I tried it anyway (drinking five before first vape) and in the end I passed out (voluntarily) after 16 units of alcohol and lots of weed (sativa high, ak47 mostly). I didn't have any spins and wasn't even about puke, even though I greatly exceeded 3-6 beers.
    Is there  really noway to know the limit without trying until it's too much? Drinking 16 units wasn't too much, so next stake would be getting really blasted  (+20 units) and see what happens. And what happens if I use indica instead of sativa? Indica seems to be a lot harder on own its own at, but not really sure about mixing it with alcohol.
    I use alcohol alot and my liver is probably done for before I'm 40, which might explain my tolerance level. I get blasted at least twice a week, but but often 3-4 times.
  19. Everyone has their preference. Personally i like to drink then smoke, when i smoke first drinking just doesn’t feel the same or i end up wearing my beer cause I’m a dumbass when I’m high XD Moderation in both is the key that will help avoid puking or ill feelings.

    Or if you’re feeling like a complete badass, fill your bong with tequilla, take your hit and chug the tequilla in the same breath. Afterwards you might find yourself praying to the porcelain god but hey, your street cred has never been higher
  20. You crossfaded now isn't you? LOL
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