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  1. So I've always wondered this, hopefully someone has an answer for me. When crossbreading two strains, will the resulting plant have dominant traits of either parent plant depending on which parent plant was which sex...example...(Blueberry male pollen X White Widow female ) would the outcome of this breed be identical to (White Widow male pollen X Blueberry female ) Has anyone actually tried this to see for sure?
  2. Whatever male is used in breeding the male will most likely contribute smell flower/ internodial spacing, flowering time. When using the female which ever you choose the female offspring will most likely resemble more of the female traits being you are selecting females over the males of seed sets. The BB(m) x WW(f) will result in more of the female Blueberry traits, WW(m) x BB(f) would carry more of the Blueberry feamle traits. But with both crosses the offspring will carry traits of both parents, being the male used that parent trait will resemble the females of the gene pool of the seed stock used to select that male. Hope this isn't too confusing but GooD LucK , send me a PM if you need any further help or explanation.
  3. the plants will resemble traits from both parents, and each set of parents will vary.

    if you know anything of breeding dogs / horses / flowers / any of that, cannabis works much the same :)

    and while a male may potentially offer a pool of genetic material inherently different from a female of the same genetic background, Ive not personally observed that a male specifically carries certain traits to offspring and not others, ie nodal spacing, or scent (which is a direct response of the secondary metabolites of the plant, and as such depends on the chemicals present and produced in the plant, which may be as much or more an environmental process than a genetic one.)

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