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    This is the crossblunt I just rolled for me and my friend to smoke tonight.
    2.2 grams of nice kb in Blueberry and Purple Haze blunt wraps.
    It's gonna be awesome! :smoke:


    I rolled 1.2 grams in the main blunt and 1 gram in the crossed blunt. (Of course you can put as much bud in as you want, just make sure the main blunt has more.) I put a small hole in the center of smaller blunt then a bigger hole in the bigger blunt and put the smaller blunt through the hole of the bigger blunt. Then i sealed the corners of the cross in the middle with the sticky part from another blunt wrap.

    Any questions? Feel free to ask.
  2. dude can i come over please, that looks amazing. have fun time toking bro. peace and love bro
  3. Holy shit, thats fucking legit.

    Rep fo sho. You have inspired me, one day I will be able to acheive something this awsome, but sadly not today.
  4. And i thought a crossjoint was something, enjoy that shit!
  5. damn that looks sick as hell. i've smoked a crossjoint but not a crossblunt

  6. broooooo!
  7. Thanks!
    I can't wait to smoke it.
  8. dude,
    fuck yea
  9. thats what I'm talking about :D
  10. Nice! How long would something like that last?
  11. Twice as long as the usual blunt. :)
  12. Bro im 20 miles away ill come blaze that shit :p haha, nice and phat.
  13. you gottaaa teach me how to fix one of em bitchess!
  14. Nice blunt bro
  15. :eek: WoW I've never seen a crossblunt,Just a crossed "J" WoW
    Someones about to get blowed
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    Thank you!
    I'll share with everyone!
  17. It's fucking awesome untill the blunt falls apart into your lap because one side burned before the other...This comes from experience.
  18. ummm...I Bet it'll taste awesome (again enjoy):D
  19. That's why I made it specifically so that wouldn't happen. The right amount of weed in each blunt, as well as the right distance the cross is from the end of the main blunt.

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