Cross Faded

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by beantown420, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Chilling here cross faded from some kush and Red Label and I'm beginning to realize that, when used in moderation, alcohol is the perfect compliment to indica bud. Anyone else agree?
  2. I agree. I suffered the consequences of over doing it once, and eventually got the spins when the bud wore off, shitty night for sure, learned my lesson. But there's also been nights where I'm cross-faded and flirty with the ladies. :) But I agree for all bud in general.
  3. Alcohol is pretty awesome in moderation, period. But yeah, a couple brews and a few snaps of some kill is definitely an awesome way to wind down. You also reminded me about my stashed bottle of Blue Label that I haven't tasted in a while.
  4. I absolutely agree. This post literally encouraged me to follow through with some plans tonight instead of sitting in and being a hermit. M-Bar at Mandarin! Yusss. Thanks!
  5. i love the W's
    weed, wine, women
    Sadly tonight i only got the first two going
    bud and booze for the win
  6. I agree and im doing the exact same right now

  7. Blue Label? You lucky mofo...
  8. moderation and alcohol doesn't seem to work with me
  9. Story of my life, homie!
    It's great..!!
    Ha, Just killed a 6er of Sierra Nevada Tumbler..Along with like 5 bong hoots... ha, It's a great combo... truly is.. and I topped it off with some weed tea, and dubstep:D.. :)

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