Crop Circles

Discussion in 'General' started by DutchX8, Nov 22, 2008.


    What are your thoughts on these things? I've been researching them lately and I honestly can't think of anything reasonable to explain them. They are much too intricate to be done by humans walking around with planks in the time window of one night.
  2. i know aint no humans doing it,,,, i will agree with you there,,,

    ..but just what it is,,,, i have no clue,,,

    gotta be a ???? i have no clue,:confused:
  3. if u look at the pics...
    one of them have geometry to it... and others all warp to a small dot,
    maybe connect to other worlds..
    its all bout math and energy...
    we have pyramids, it allows to bent the energy
    if we have enough pyramids, maybe it could take all the our energy to the channel, which is the pyramids and then, it sent to the other world..

    star gate?
  4. proably the most '' mysterious'' thing known to man,,?

    why dont they or any u.f.o. action make the nightly news ?

  5. shit i think they're cool as fuck

    maybe more than one person did these things?

    maybe they where little purple and red chihuahuas with chocolate ice cream for brains?

    the world may never know . . .

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