Cronaholic's 400W LST White Widow Grow - Lots of Photos

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  1. Hey there everybody.

    Welcome to my grow.

    This will be my 4th started grow and hopefully it will be my 2nd finished grow.

    My first grow I started in my bedroom closet at my last apartment and I got almost 5 weeks into flowering and I had to move and had nowhere to keep the plants since I had to move into my parents house for a few weeks until I found a place for my girlfriend and I.

    My second grow was with a 150W HPS in my C25 cabinet from Home Depot. I grew Aurora Indica from Nirvana and out of the four that I started, two of them were males and from the other two I pulled 2.75oz. Not bad for my first finished grow.

    My third grow ended a few months ago abruptly. I was a few days into flowering with some bagseed and I had a fallout with my roomate and he threatened to call the cops on the grow so in the trash they went. Now the roommate is gone its been a few months and its time to start again.

    I ordered some White Widow seeds from Nirvana on the 5th and they should be here any day.

    I am growing in a C25 cabinet that I modified with two 4" holes on the bottom left side for the passive intake that are covered with 8" darkroom louvers to let the air in and to keep the light out.

    So the air comes in the intakes get blown around by the small fan in there then gets sucked into the light and up into the upper portion.

    Up there I have a Vortex 4" inline fan. Does a pretty good job of keeping the cabinet pretty cool.

    The light I just picked up a few weeks ago. Its a 400W HPS with an econo cool hood.

    For nutes I use the Foxfarm line. Ill get more into detail throughout the grow.

    A little about me. Im a photographer so the photos should be pretty good quality. My camera can get pretty good macro shots so there will be lots of bud porn in a few months. I would post some older photos of my last good grow but my computer crashed and I lost all of the photos.

    I did have a really good in depth grow log on another site but they kinda dissapeared one day and never returned. [​IMG]

    Heres some photos. Don't mind the black and white they just looked better that way. Most of the grow shots will be in color.

    More to come when the seeds get here.

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  2. Woohoo!

    I got my seeds in the mail today and they went right into a shotglass of tapwater thats been sitting out for about a week.

    I love Nirvana. This is the second time Ive ordered from them and they were discreetly shipped completely different from the last time.

    Tomorrow sometime Ill take these out of the shot glass and put them between some paper towels.

    More to come...
  3. This morning when I got up I took the 6 seeds that were soaking and placed them in a sealed tupperware container between some moist paper towels and placed them on my modem.

    I just checked on them and 2 are already cracking with a tinnnny taproot sticking out. So tomorrow some of them should be ready to go into their pots.

    The battery on my camera took a shit so I tossed it. I have more at work since I use the same camera there that I have at home so Ill borrow one on Monday and post a few more shots of the setup and maybe a seedling or two.
  4. i know nothing about growing, but that looks like an awesome lil set up. you cant grow much in that though can you? doesnt look like much space.... keep updating!
  5. So its been three days and two of them had a tiny root tip sticking out so they went into their first homes.

    I had originally started 6 seeds but I decided today to add the other 4 and just hope for the best.

    Updates need photos so...uhh...heres a few of the seeds germinating :metal:

    UCF-Toker: My goal for this grow is to get 3-4 females and to pull total weight around 6-7oz.

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  6. looks good! Good luck m8!
  7. Hey Purilite, thanks for stopping by. Were almost ready to begin.

    Well 2 more seeds popped so a total of 4 are sitting in soil slowly (hopefully) working their way towards the surface. They are sitting in a baking pan on top of my aquarium light for warmth.
  8. ah i like your style very detailed and organized +rep

    and also the first week or two is alwaayyysss the slowest lol it sucks :( but then they grow up so fast... like havin a set of kids or someting hahaha
  9. The Freak pulls up a LazyBoy and loads the RooR.
    High guys! Pass this around!
    Nice cab ya got there, Cronaholic! I'm looking at somethign like that myself. I'm usin the same nutes as well. Mind if I sit in?

  10. that setup looks awesome ass hell,,, man is it sweet looking,,, you just need some better secrecy and security,,,,i know all too well what its like having a ucool roommate,,,n,ow i got my own place and what i do is my business,,
  11. cronaholic, your set up is really nice. And i love the pics, really sick. I cant wait untill the budshots come! Good luck.
  12. First off I have to start this post on a very sad note. [​IMG]

    On Thursday night just after midnight my best friend of ten years passed away. His girlfriend found him when she came home sometime after that. He was only 27. The doctors have not yet determined the cause of death. [​IMG]

    but as always life goes on...

    and this hobby of mine does get my mind off of things.

    So today will offically be

    Day 2​

    The first sprout had popped through the soil when I checked on them yesterday morning (Day 1) and two others are showing through the soil. I moved them into the cabinet and placed them under the 400W. [​IMG]

    One more seed was showing a taproot so that one went into a pot and into the cabinet as well.

    The three in the back under the humidity dome are the three still waiting to break the surface.

    The temps were showing a nice 78F and the humidity was at 49% which I thought was a little low for this stage so I placed a bottle of water next to the fan, under the light to raise the humidity a bit.

    Heres a few photos of how everything is looking.

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  13. I felt like taking more pictures so heres a few more from today.

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  14. i am sorry to hear about your loss man, you have my condolences. I am pulling up a chair for this grow as i am probably gonna do a similar grow next year with a similar setup.


  15. man im sorry to hear bout your good friend... hope you and everyone else are doin okay... but yea your grow is amazing man.. i ALREADY pulled up my chair to watch this grow :)
  16. I offer my most sincere condolences.
  17. Day 5
    Well I was going to take pictures today but I left the camera battery at work so they will have to wait until tomorrow.

    Well out of the 10 White Widow seeds from Nirvana 6 germinated.

    Out of those 6 only 3 took root and are growing.

    So right now I have 3 small sprouts at day 5. :mad:

    So monday I ordered a pack of Papaya seeds from Nirvana because I have to have more than 3 plants growing.

    Besides that I gave all 3 of them a good watering today.

    Its getting a little warmer here and the daytime temps have climbed to the mid 80's in the cabinet. Its really gonna get hot in there come July and August but at the same time the humidity should drop considerably and that will be during flowering when the humidity needs to be low.

    Thats it for today. There will be photos tomorrow. Not the most exciting photos but photos none the less.
  18. Nice man! I like the setup you have, good luck with the crop
  19. sorry about youre loss. i like youre set up its kinda what i have going on :smoke:

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