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Crock of Butt er

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sinus, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. I got a half oz of bud in a crock pot with one and 1/4th stick of butter.

    I chopped the bud in a coffee grinder (i grinded the bud**) and threw the butter in the crock pot. I let it melt then I added the bud.

    It's been about an hour and a half on high heat. I can't smell anything but this really hot girl says it smells like an opium den in here.

    Do you suppose it will be potent?

    This isn't my first attempt at bud-butter but they never seem to work out.. Any tips, thoughts, suggestions, flames, or rants are much appriecatededededed.

  2. I'd use more butter, a 1/4 of a stick?? you should use a whole stick (8 tablespoons) for a quarter.
  3. one and a fourth^^^^^
  4. One and one fourth of a stick dawg.

    It's done. It's stinky and it's green. I'll let you know.;)
  5. Made Mac N' Cheese. Tastes like shit.
  6. but are you blasted? thats all that really matters :smoking:
  7. sinus you there? how you feeling on that? whatd you end up using? a whole stick or what
  8. yeah how'd it go?
  9. try some weed tea... put a half O in the brew with the bags. its AWESOME and it taste great
  10. I used a whole stick to make the Mac N' Cheese.

    I ate one medium sized bowl of it. It tasted like the butter smelled.

    I was so fucking blazed last night it was fucked up. Not quite stoned. Not quite like going on the nod. My eyes were pink slits and I couldn't walk right. I slept great though.

    Goddamn does the Mac N' Cheese taste like shit.

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