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Critter's new movie

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. I went with my kids to see a movie this holiday and just wanted to tell Critter that there is a new movie coming out soon in the States about Australia.

    Typical sterotype I guess, its about some Americans travelling through the Outback when they loose a jacket with tons of cash in the pocket. A kangaroo gets the jacket and the Yanks chase it throughout the Outback trying to catch it.

    Why does every Australian movie have to have Kanagroos in them. What stereotypes of Americans do they depict in Australia or for any other non-USA blade/bladie who may read this.

    P.S. I do wear a cowboy hat from time to time and I can probably find a couple of long lost guns in my house somewhere.
  2. Critter they are just coming to the light! LOL

    Sounds like kangaroos are like deer around here.
  3. i too am curious like BPP

    what are the typical american stereotypes in other countries?

  4. I hope its gun-toting cowboys!
  5. sonovabitch

    when im stoned, im computer retarded...
  6. americans are stoners. and hardworkers.. well at least me ..

  7. What about guns!! Gun-toting cowboys!!!
  8. hey, at least they dont think of us all as pee wee herman or somethin.

  9. I think of pee wee herman when I think about you Norm.
  10. i think of somethin..sometimes..but three bong bowls kinda hinhinbits that for now...umm......pee wee herman...ewww.

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