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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, May 9, 2002.

  1. its hard to make up an empty mind also looking a good woman for budhead.

    If you find her let me know will ya???/

    I've been after Stonygurl but she hasn't decided yet. I think she would be perfect for me just like she was perfect in her pic she posted!!!!
  2. Ok, I'm speechless here....

    But why set your sights on one woman, when a sweetie like you could have your pick!?? Besides, it's the thrill of the chase, right?
  3. critter, were you describing Bud Head, or yourself, mate?!! hahahaha....
  4. THE CHASE!!!! it's always the most fun you're gonna have in a relationship. If this one don't work for me, I'm puttin' myself in permanent chase (or being chased) mode......until I die!!!!

  5. You were gonna say cozy kittens weren't you?!?!

  6. Not just one woman so to speak, but a favorite.

    Critter i can tell you pay close attention to what you are told. Got me down to a tee! Not hard since we are alike!!!hahahahhaah

    Stonie jo could i add you to my list????
  7. I think we just found the beginnings of a new club!! Bud Head's internet harem. Myself, Stonie Jo, Justme, Highawatha, lets see....did I leave anyone out!?? Sorry if I did :). And Bud Head, no fair playing favorites. I don't mind sharing!

    I love you guys!!! It always makes my day to come here and read the ramblings of my fellow stoners. Y'all have a good day. I better get ready for work.

  8. Damn straight, De Man wit De plan, nothing the ladies like better than head full of hair a bowl full o' bud.

    I found out this week that if I just condition it and don't use shampoo it curls up fairly tight into nice little rings, So now I've grown my sideburns down to my earlobes, getting a funky honky afro going. I'm telling you I'm the new Mac Davis of the 21st century, Baby.......

    I got you a lady Bud Head, I pm'd the specs to critter 2, He's going to be the clearing house of your prospects.

  9. I don't know if i can handle the ladies you pick out BPP! It would be interesting though just to see what you've come up with.

    LMAO @ stony. Babe you are the LEADER of the gang. Set me up and i'll knock 'em down!! With the things i've been through, I could take all you great gals on at once. There won't be not one dissatisfied customer either.
    Satisfaction guareented!!!!!!!!!

    I really do LOVE ya ladies!!!!!!
  10. I need a clearer picture. I maybe falling into one of BPP traps. She looks pretty good but we all kbnow how BPP can be!lolol
  11. I'll give you a name and number if you want. She's in Northern Kentucky.

    You have most of the qualifications that she seeks in a man: i.e = $$$$$$$$$$
  12. I think i'm going to stay away from Kentucky women. Most are trouble trying to find a home to destroy! Maybe a Bama woman may be better!

    Ashley is an exception to that rule!!

  13. I agree with you on Kentucky women, that's why I left there 14 years ago. I married a hoosier and the best one of them in the whole state.
  14. LMAO BPP if ya find a good one let me know. I am still looking throgh the JC Pennies catalog and Sears!

    Even Walmart has a good sales paper with women in it these days!!
  15. Now wheres this picture of stonygurl

  16. Still no luck....all the nice women are just to far away.. I would love to visit all these nice women that used to post here. Stonygurl, Just Me, Highya, and Stonie Jo. And all the others around the site.........carn't beat'em join'em!!!!!!!
  17. some things just never change ,lol.[​IMG]
  18. Your right about that critter..

    I'm in need of a good stoner chick!!!!!!!
  19. arh ,its nice to be pised at home ,lol.[​IMG]

  20. This is the best place in the world. It's a familiy enviroment..

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