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Critter Critter

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. Heya, you had a court date recently didn't you? cant recall the exact date..but I think it might ahve already passed..just wondering, how it went m8?
  2. This just fucking sucks in my book Critter. You haven't done anything to anybody and they treat you like a freaking criminal because of some arbitrary and capricious law. Fucking money grubbing lawyers can all go straight to hell.
  3. *LOL* critters you are the man!!! Me I'm just talking to my LHM and he was doing a harvest and has had probs with his elbow and wrist...I say DUH!!! no J/King and said taking those leaes off it's got to be some kind of theripy (spelling make suck....but am I having fun) well anyway I think not ingesting the herb...but also picking it can be goog theripy *LOL* back in a min
  4. good to hear you didn't get in BIG trouble, but pissed to hear you got in that much trouble as it was..I agree completely with Poppa P..learning you were a better person because of your actions should have been enough for them to say...well hmm...maybe this whole 'marijuana' thing isn't so bad after all...maybe we were wrong...wait, a judge and government admitting they were wrong????! Sorry I even dreamed of it :/
  5. hey man hoped ya like the mountians :D
    you would have just paid the laywer to get you a 300$ fine anyhow., but yea if it ever happens again youd need a good one :)
  6. im going with the way it is here,....
    either he didnt go and paid the money
    as long as it took someone to come in an bail your ass out :D
  7. holy crap $300 is it??? You are lucky you're not over here in the US! Their is a mandatory raping, $1000's in fines, and possible jail time. Okay maybe not the raping...
  8. you're one smart/lucky dude! I've never owned more than 3 ounces and I paid for them...

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