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  1. This is my third time cloning with this strain. The first two times didn't go so well. Main problem was when they did root after 15 to 17 days they were not very healthy.

    I really want to be able to use this strain to root clones and veg for a couple days then put them straight into flower. To try and achieve "lolly pop plants"

    This time around I took a few different sized clones to see the different results. Some have more leafs and nodes than others.

    So first question is? I know to keep rockwell moist and keep humidity dome moist. But how often if at all should I be spraying the cuttings them selfs?

    the Ph of the water I used to soak rockwell cubes was 5.8.

    thanks in advance..


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  2. Have you considered a different setup? You can make an aeroponic cloner like this one for about $40 in materials and you will get much better success rates with your clones.

    [ame=]Aeroponic Cloner 60 - YouTube[/ame]

    PM me if you would like detailed instructions. I can show you what to buy and where.
  3. I have considered making one of those. I have really never had any problems up until this strain cloning this way though. But for what I am trying to achieve a EZ cloner makes a lot of sense. It will speed up the time and there for give the cuttings less stress and damage time.

    Im not sure if I have the space in my box for it though. Does the spray just go constantly? or is it on a timer? and do you use a humidity dome?

    thanks kindly I will PM you for sure acutely I wanted to build some hydro stuff for growing Veggies your name "Hydro builder" seems like you could help me with some of that stuff. The first thing I was going to attempt was a Ebb and flo system for lettuce. because organic food is expensive and dons't taste all that great.

    thanks again
  4. how often if at all should I be spraying the cuttings them selfs?

    thanks in advance
  5. I spray my cuttings at least 3 times per day till I have roots.
  6. There is no real need to spray the cuttings. I never do and I am using a DIY cloner like the one you have. Just put them in the cloner with some Botanicare Liquid karma and wait 7-14 days.

  7. Like soak them? or just mist?

    I have been keeping the dome wet and the leafs look nice and moist. for now

    thanks guys..

  8. I keep the leaves fairly wet.
  9. Here is some picts (Day 3). They are looking ok. but starting to show signs of what happened on my first attempts. Leaves starting to yellow from edges.

    Also notice the heavy purple starting on the stem of the clones. I'm starting to wonder if perhaps the mother that I am taking these from is not the best candidate.

    got a heating mat hopefully that will help some.

    any thoughts welcome


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  10. I never liked the rock wool for clones, I always used the black plug thingies rapid root or something like that - you can get a heating pad and a temp controller for it thats the most important part or it will get way to hot

    I have a friend who uses a ezcloner and he takes branches like 1ft long and puts them into it and they root in a week or less - I have seen him keep them in there for 3 weeks after it roots with no problems

    the only problem is that you end up with a branch with huge roots on it and it wont stand up that well, you cant put it into a rock wool cube unless you have some shredded rock wool or shred up a cube to pack in - the roots are longer then the plant is
  11. Thanks for the input...

    Yeah when I was looking at a EZ cloner I thought the cuttings had to be pretty big. In order to fit in those fitting (Have no idea what that rubber holder that the cutting gets put in is called sorry). Since i'm in a cabinet i'm not sure if that would be ideal. I need to use small clones if possible so the plant height wont outgrow the box.

    The heating mat I got is meant for seedlings I assumed that the temp it would put out would not be too hot. Seeing as thats whats it meant for.

    have you had a bad experience in the past?

  12. Here is the clones at about a week. this is a problem I have had with critical mass so far. cant seem to stop it or figure out what it is.

    notice the tops starting to yellow and curl almost look like heat burn. Or a few clones the leaves point straight down.

    I am using Ph 5.8 water with Liquid karma at barley 1/4 strength.

    I am double checking temps inside and outside the dome. they seem fine.

    I dont have much light on these clones a think 75W total spiral CFLs. I thought maybe perhaps its because I have lights on 24 7 and am spraying clones on average once a day. maybe thats the water burning the tops. But I don't know. That ain't a lot of light and even the cfls are 4 to 5 inches away from top of dome.

    thanks for the looks and advice in advance.


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  13. Do you flush your plants alot before taking clones?? When I take clones I flush my plants alot get all the nutes out of them ten I take cuttings. Also you might want to add perlite to the bottom of the tray and add a small layer of water in the perlite it's what I do and out of the 30 clones I took I had 25 root very well. My clones are fairly yellow when I take them then once they root they green right back up.
  14. yeah that does sound like a good idea with the perlite and the flushing i will add the perlite and next time flush da motha.

    Do your clones ever get like the ones in the picture on the tops of the cuttings? crispy curled leaves. I triple checked temps and they are at 77 to 80. humidity it at 75 I cant seem to make it any higher. with soaking the dome and the bottom of the tray. the perlite could help that though. perhaps I don't have enough humidity and the tops are drying out? Or maybe I should try with no dome.

    the top leaves drying out like that is pretty damaging to my cuttings.


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