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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Chronic4Life, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. Does anyone know sites that work and have a credit card page so i could use a credit card to buy em?
  2. seedsdirect does. But do you really want an electronic trail following your purchase and delivery?
  3. Oh I dont know Big Poppa. The advantage of ordering with a credit card is that if you dont get the seeds you could always dispute the charge on your card. If you send them a money order or cash and you dont get the seeds, you are shit out of luck.

    Also, I dont know if it is illegal to buy seeds. I thought maybe it was like buying those black box TV descramblers. You know the ones that every magazine advertises in the back. It is not illegal to buy them. The law is broken when you hook it up. I dont know if buying vs. planting canabis seeds is the same way or not. Anyone know?
  4. it is illegal in the USA for seeds.

    I understand about your refund, but if you use a legit seed site like seedsdirect or heaven's stairway, you don't have that worry.
  5. so it's recommended that even though seedsdirect is a reliable and discreet site to use a money order anyway? instead of cc?

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