Creative ploy

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Willy, May 9, 2002.

  1. Okay, someone writes whatever, word, sentence, paragraph?
    The next someone can continue that flow or drift intierly...
    Let's have fun!
  2. Flying robot rainbow monkeys ate my...

    (I's fucked right now)
  3. underwear, or at least tried. Aparently I had forgotten to wipe my ass and they spit them out much to my...
  4. distress. Now how will I ever get rid of chewed up,shitty underwear!!
  5. '' Owell fuck it '' I said to myself and threw them over my sholder.
    The next morning...
  6. I opened my eyes slowly and rolled over in bed.
    Face down, I lie listening to the music comming from the living room.
    My girl friend was already up. She was playing Pink Floyd's latest album, '' Dark Side of the Moon. "
  7. As I woke up more I realised there was a big hairy Scotsman in bed with me. I immediately thought...
  8. what the hell did I eat that last shroom with?
    as the floyd, leaked into my head I heard the scotman say as he winked>
  9. "I'm Dead sexy!", "Do I make you horney, baby,do I??"
  10. '' You know you... "
    We rolled to the flour and fooled around until four, it might have been five, or it could have six...

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