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Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by DutchX5, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Anyone else take it? I've been taking 2 pills a day and it seems to be working wonders. I can go longer in the gym and I look more muscular because of the water weight.

    But it takes a LOT of water though. I pee like twice a day and I drink 6 or 7 huge glasses of water, a few glasses of gatorade and a protein shake every day. I guess a lot is getting absorbed into my muscles? I can't really think of anywhere else it would go if I'm not pissing it out....
  2. I haven't been to the gym in a long time but I did for like five years. during that time i took a lot of supplements. from what i recall there are two types of creatine that i know of creatine monohydrate and creatine ethyl-ester. monohydrate is the first creatine to hit the market and definatly helps with strength gains but is notorius for making you hold a lot of water and can make you look chubby after a while. creatine ethyl-ester wont make you hold as much water i think and was equally effective for me. give yourself at least two weeks off for every month you take it to keep your body guessing.
  3. You can buy tons of micronized creatine for 15-20 for 150 days worth. Dude Im pretty sure your not drinking enough water, 6-7 cups? I chug down 10-12L's a day when on or off creatine. I think is recommended amount 10L's so your hydrated all day. Plus your body will love you for drinking all the water.. Lots of peeing tho ya.

    I do the usual 6 week cycle, the strength gains are awesome and can really help you through a plateau. Take dextrose in your post workout shake if you don't already
  4. dont take it everyday.

    let your body use its natural energy to get your muscles pumped.

    take it on rest days, when your exhausted from working out, then its like it never happened.

    also creatine carrys ALOT of water weight so dont be alarmed when you stop taking it that you flub out a little lol.
  5. ^^ false take 5g everyday and you can on rest days it won't hurt. Any that doesnt get absorbed is peed out. Everyone says the water bloat thing which is bs you gain some water 5-15 pounds. Nothing noticeable or drastic other then larger appearing muscles. Lots of people take creatine year round it's great for recovery.
  6. They're HUGE cups though. I don't know how much in liters but each cup is almost half of my pur water jug.

    I'm not really on any sort of cycle, should I be? I take 1 pill in the morning, one at night, and I don't take it on my rest day.

    I'm loving the water weight though. I'm a really skinny, fast metabolism hard-gainer type so I've always been bony and lanky, but now I look normal. My muscles have some nice definition but I don't look fat at all.

    And what's dextrose? Post workout shake for me is 3 scoops of whey protein.
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    its sugar, helps spike insulin and helps force creatine into your muscles, sweet fruit juice works too. people cycle 6 weeks then 4 off to keep your body guessing/drop excess water
  8. I just looked and my stuff is "Creatine Hydrochloride". It's GNC brand, called "Amplified Creatine 189". They're huge pills, 2.5 grams each.

    And thanks for the replies guys. What about that No2 stuff? Would it be overkill if I took that pre-workout, along with the 2 daily creatine pills?
  9. I never heard of creatine hydrochloride but like i said its been a while since ive been in the gym. taking nitric oxide with it would not be overkill you should see the stacks of supplements some people take.
  10. Does it really help with your working out? How badly does it dehydrate you?

  11. I definitely feel a difference. I can go longer once I start to get tired and push out a few more sets. And I guess the biggest thing for me is the water weight. It's almost like that "pump" that you get, never goes away (as long as you drink enough water).

    It doesn't dehydrate me in the sense that I'm thirsty. Maybe a little bit, but you're not fiending for water or anything. But if you want to keep the water weight you need to drink a shitload of water.
  12. HTML:

    Add 10-30 pounds (bench squat dead etc.) or it helps you pump out 2-3 more reps. I find I sweat more being on it,
  13. Thirst isnt a good indication of being dehydrated since you will already have been dehydrated for a while before feeling it.

    I ask because for what I do, I have to stay very hydrated
  14. just wanted to add on to this. dextrose is also used in post workout shakes to replenish depleted glycogen stores.
  15. I'm considering it, I think I've hit my peak of what I can hit. I weigh 205, and thats my Max, my arm's size measure's to be about the same as every bodies, people that have hit over it, friends say the same thing about it, I hit 205 like late November, and I've been sore ton's of times since cause I'm in weight training at school and lift everyday, but I haven't gotten any where. So I'm thinking about gettin some, idk what though,
  16. Don't use creatine if you are unsure of your exact water and caloric calculations. I drink 133 fl oz of water and my diet is 40/30/30 split over 3700 cals and I take in 10 grams of creatine daily. Also, don't use it if your not already pushing some form of respectable weight. I first used it when my bench plataued at 260.

  17. Holy shit you must be huge.
  18. ive suffered gastro (stomach) problems since i was a kid.

    ive read that it could affect it and does in many people.

    maybe there is a creatine which wouldnt negatively affect me (im thinking the cEE version) ethyl something or w/e

    but im not willing to find out currently but i will probably try when i plateau

    it really sucks i would love to use this supplement.... i also cant use NOX and other supps.

    w/e ill take pride in being fully natural with close to no supps including creatine.

    to make myself feel better... i would rather look more 'cut' then have water weight ;)
  19. Not really bro. I am 5'6" and 220. Before I got into maryjane I was seriously into weights and spent time in the military and jail. Those enviornments enabled me to simply workout all the time. plus I haved OCD.

  20. Eat herring it has a fuckload of creatine. Steak and pork are distant seconds.
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