Create a religion that fits you as a person.

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  1. My religion would reward self-exploration, lesiure, and self-determination.

    The only hell would be routine.

    What about you guys?
  2. Mine will be about gardening and supplying all of our needs.
  3. Mine would be about self sustaining (economically, nutritiously, and emotionally) and the diminishing of strict gender boundaries. Oh. And everyone would have a dog.
    Only sin punishable to some fictitious hell? Lying to oneself.
  4. I'm God, and everyone is going to suffer forever unless they believe I'm God. But I love you all. It's up to you guys to work out the finer details, such as the hows and whys and exactly how much to scale my loving you vs my making you suffer. I've got better things to do, quite frankly.

    I'm kidding of course, but it does sound like one of the most convenient ways of arranging things.
  5. For whose benefit?

    Human rulers or God himself?
  6. Love, the only rule is you have to love everyone for who they are. Everything else is up to the individual.
  7. God is just an artist and the universe is his work in progress.

  8. hmmm...sounds oddly familiar lol
  9. Step 1: Do you

    Step 2: Do you

    Step 3: Do you

    Step 4: Rice pudding
  10. Mine is called smoke pot all day and play with animals.

    The only hell is cleaning up all that pony poop.
  11. Can't, it's called being agnostic... not really a religion, but...
  12. Everyone is inherently good...we are one with Spirit. There is no Hell.

    Therefore, no religion.
  13. You are God, you are right on that. ;)

    As I am God.

    As my cherry tree is God.

    Every soul is on their own perfect journey, everyone will complete their journey's, and everyone's journey will be completed perfectly as planned.

    Nobody is suffering & everything is going according to plan.

    Everyone has divine freewill. God is a mirror to you. It would be boring if EVERYTHING was the exact same, EVERYONE belived in God......

    So therefore, he gives you the decision to make choices. Choice to believe in God. The Choice not to believe. But wither's a choice that only yourself will make. :)

    A choice of Wholeness. Or a choice of Egoism.
  14. I find that a riduculous statement. ...'boring' would have no meaning

    also....nobody is suffering? Go to Africa and see some children starving....many many other places in the world for that matter
  15. A religion with a world filled with peace, love, and happieness.
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    When i said that I meant,

    "Everyone driving a Black car"
    "Everyone has brown eyes"
    "Everyone has the same job"
    "Every has vanilla ice cream"
    "Everyone shares the same religious/spiritual beliefs" etc.

    Now that would be boring, where instead. We have the freewill of choice.

    This world is fucked up, I know this. But I meant suffering on a much larger scale.

    The people dying everyday in a are living those lives for a specific reason. Same as you are. Many of them have more love & appreciation in their hearts.... then a millionaire in The US driving around his fucking Mercedes.......which is beautiful or pathetic, determined by what man's perspective your looking through.

    Everything happens for a reason. We can not see light without seeing the darkness first. The "suffering" & "problems" in our world, are new doorways for the world to wake up. To show us that this system is fucking bullshit. They show us who we are not, and shows us the manipulation & corruption that has our government has been orchestrating us in.

    ‎"Be the change you wish to see in the world." --Gandhi
  17. For the person inventing his own religion.

  18. They live in tthe desert and are subjected to political bullshit,,,which often results in mass murder and rape....I dont buy the suffering for some reincarnation purpose...

    the OP was about creating your own religion, at any rate....

    I dont see how everyone believing in the same spiritual context would amount to something akin to 'boring'....the world would only be more peaceful...and also why does that mean theyd have the same everything would still be individuals...just no isms and schisms

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