Crazy winter of 2010 (pics)

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  1. So i was looking through my old pictures on my computer today and found these pictures from a big winter storm a few years ago. It snowed three feet four days, and there was a blizzard on christmas. Does anyone else remember this winter?

    This was the beginning of the storm and it wasnt snowing yet, just freezing rain.

    This was after it freezing rained, but started snowing really heavy and a semi jackknifed and slid into a pole.

    This was my car right after it finally stopped snowing

    This was the side-door

    And this was when the snow plows finally plowed our street
  2. I feel bad for all the animals that live in/on the ground, they got fucked. Is there really an afterlife?
  3. dammmmnnnnnnnnnn hahaha this is why i dont live in the north
  4. Yeah i went through something like this like 9 years ago over in NC
    Was a fatty blizzard/ice storm and the power was out for a week it was hella fuckin hurtful

    Im in socal now so i never have to worry bout that shit lol
  5. fuck that shit, this is why i live in florida!
  6. Oh yea I know how that is, without the power outages however.

    This year is one of the lightest winters I've ever experienced.
  7. My first time driving was in that storm! It was crazy man
  8. To be honest I miss those kind of Christmas' usually its the snow thats puts me in that Christmas giving mood.
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  10. Lul wut?
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    Dude that winter was the shit! They shut down my school for two days, which led directly into the weekend, so a nice 4 day break:hello:. This was when my boy still had his subie SVX, and he was like yea this thing will have no problem in the snow. Problem was, there was like 3 fuckin feet of snow haha, so he couldnt even move it slightly, we were trying to push it out and shovel out and that took us forever. Had to take another buddies old ass bronco to the beer store, which was one of the only places still open (run by asians ) At the house next to ours, kids were snowboarding off the lower roof, and the snow was deep enough so you wouldn't even get hurt from it. What a sick time

    NIce pics man, especially the one where your car is just straight burried haha
  12. If this is the storm I'm thinking of, it was the first of two blizzards that year. "Snowmaggedon" seems to be what most people called it. I lived right across the river from D.C. in Arlington, VA and we got a good 14 to 15 inches. What was great was Christmas was on a Friday and our school district decided to keep us in school the 21, 22, and 23, Mon-Wed. But thanks to the blizzard that hit Friday night the 18th, it canceled school and we started break 5 days early. Oh what a good year that was.
  13. that looks sick dude i would go snowboarding down the main avenues and shit... hella baked of course.
  14. I love the snow man, whenever we get a bunch I'm on the three wheeler for like 6 hours

  15. summit?
  16. Op where was this

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