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  1. If computers run based on languages.. How is the original language of a computer made? There is no existing language to use to base it on.. How does a computer turn ons/offs into a blue box?

    Computers are amazing!! :hello:
  2. I've always wondered that!

    Where does it all start? Electricity? Crazy thoughts!
  3. shit's weird, bro. Computers are crazy motherfuckin' things.
  4. the binary language is a computer language,

    based off of english? idk really...
  5. 100101100101010010101011100101010010100100101
  6. It's not based off of English. It's programming code. Code. Not "language", per se. There aren't different codes for Japanese computers, American computers, and Dutch computers.

    It's programming code, not a language.
  7. I'm pretty sure binary language follows a certain list of rules just like any math equation does.

    When you make a simple circuit board, theirs simple rules to follow.

    When you start adding capacitors and data micro-circuits it opens up a whole new set of rules that the circuitry has to follow.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the human brain works similar to a complex computer. Neurons represent the electrical pathways that connect all the data and what not, there's different parts of the computer that do different things like make graphics, or compute thoughts or processes that the computer/brain are naturally programed to do.
  8. thank you, almighty computer god of knowledge. you pwned that question lyke it was nub, 1337!
  9. SHit man technology is gonna take over one day
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  11. lol now I feel like a complete dork, after my last post :p
  12. was that your translation of my post?

    I don't get it?

    I'm pretty sure computers translate THOUSANDS OF MILLIONS of binary number patterns every second, so that might translate into something like...."it.."

  13. Ok well where does the code come from?
  14. It's just a basic pattern of 1s and 0s. The computer is programmed to interpret the code and make it into other stuff (information we can actually use, like numbers and letters, for example), and puts it on the screen.

    That's my basic knowledge of it anyway.
  15. Dude, just Google "translate binary" (that's what I did :p)
  16. You're missing a couple steps. Where do the 0's and 1's come from? It's the pattern of the circuitry.
  17. Yeah, I don't doubt I missed a couple steps, I'm no programmer (apparently I'm an accomplished smartass, though)

  18. Ok here's one:

    If you write a program with another program.. How was the first program written?
  19. 01000011011011110110110101110000011101010111010001100101011100100111001100100000011000010111001001100101001000000110110101100001011000110110100001100101011001010110111001111010

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