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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BluntChief, May 5, 2011.

  1. So i was hangin out with my boy and his 2 friends today. this was the first time i met them and they were mad chill some realy cool guys. i had recognized them from a long ass time ago but never realy chilled with them i was just familiar with them ya know? Well we finished off a nice fat blunt and sat in one of the dudes number 1's car. so dude number 2 starts telling crazy ass stories of the times he got arrested younger, the military, being in a straight up plane crash and walking away clean, being hit by a car at 60mph and not dying, he got metal rods in his leg n shit but hes getting them taken out and is making full recovery its nuts. this kid has some guardian angels for real hes beaten the odds so many times in life or death situations.

    TLDR = Smoked blunt, dude tells crazy stories of life n death survival.
  2. I remember some cool guy I just met was all telling me about how he was in the airforce and his best friend got locked up in a robbery gone bad and he was with him and a whole buncha crazy shit. Turned out he was a meth head and homeless. Lol

    But thats cool man try to keep em in your circle

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