crazy Steve's First Time Grow (CFL)

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by crazy Steve, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. So I've never had any experience growing weed, or anything at that matter, in fact, I've never even seen a weed plant in real life. But I recently lost my job, and I'm struggling to pay for college (audio engineer) and gained about 40 seeds from an ounce of mids, so I decided to try and grow some herb to save some moolah :smoking:

    My setup is really small, it's in a small travel case in my recording studio about 16 inches wide, 12 inches deep, and 30 inches tall so I only have room for one plant at a time, I'm using CFL bulbs and I have no idea what I'm doing.


    I used the big seed, the little seed was given to a friend who couldn't germinate for some reason.


    After it germinated, I set it up under a single 13W 2700K CFL (yes, I know, it needs a ton more of light, that's coming soon) in a small pot of unknown soil flushed with distilled water: (4/20 haha)


    Day 1 of sprouting: (this happened within 12 hours! holy crap I was amazed. 4/21)


    Day 2 I switched to 3 2700K 13W lightbulbs: (4/22)

  2. any ventilation in there? looking good, i started my plant on just 3 13w cfls, now its just got one big ass one, any pictures of the setup?
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    There isn't ventilation in there just yet, but I did add a fan to keep the seedling cool and to start strengthening the stem. Is it even needed this early in the grow? I check the case every hour and leave it open when I'm in the studio, which is quite often.

    Oh, and I repoted today because the old soil had little sprouts of some unknown plant cropping up all around.

    EDIT: Here's a pic of the current setup, sorry that I couldn't get the seedling in there. And ignore the kool-aid in the back haha.

  4. yea a fan always help, just make sure it doesnt bend the seedling, that light setup is crazy, never seen anyone put them soo concentrated
  5. Damn you were right, it bent her 90 degrees, I mean, I was planing on LST'ing her but not this early haha. This strain seems to be pretty resilient though, so I unplugged the fan for now and I'm leaving the box open so she can catch her breath. A really strong fan probably wasn't the best idea a couple hours after repotting her. I blame the fact that I haven't smoked since 4/20.
  6. did you try just flippin the fan around and just using the air that gets pulled into the fan as a slight breeze? that much light, that close you need some moving air
  7. Good call, I'm trying that now. Hopefully my baby with survive, she's been through quite a bit of stress.
  8. After the plant sprouted I moved the lights much closer to the plant, they're now ~2 inches from them. Thanks for stopping by & the advice, I'll be sure to check out your grow.

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