Crazy sick one of a kind liquid sci glass

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  1. The eye is pressed against the glass. It always shows,that was am entire bowl in onw hit, its got basicly no drag too.
  2. thats a sick piece bruh!

    how much was it?
  3. 900 marked down to 750. Expensive, but I fell in love with it
  4. The eye is actually looks like it's the reinforcement on the perc. I didn't notice that. Pretty dope.
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    So the eye would still be seen even for you the "super milker"!!
  6. ^
    Lol yes.
    My bad.

  7. I would've bought an authentic SALT piece if I was spending that much, but that's just me.
  8. [quote name='Bigjim']Got it at mile high pipe and tobacco in highlands ranch. It's a pretty good store, a little expensive IMO.

    + rep. we have one those in boulder- sick shop fo sho

  9. was just going to say that! I would so purchase this piece. Hell to the muthafuckin' yes!
  10. The only salt piece I've seen out here was priced at 2000. I'm thinking about getting one of his slides though.

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