Crazy Rhythm (1928)

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  1. Just heard this song on the radio and I decided to look it up once I heard prohibition in the lyrics. This song really speaks a lot about the war on drugs today and how stupid it has become. It was written in 1928 during the alcohol prohibition I believe, and is most likely referring to that (although, if it's lyrics are arguing alcohol, I cant necessarily agree that people should use it everyday to make them happier, but each to his own). Theres a few different versions, here is the more popular one on youtube.
    [ame=]‪"Crazy Rhythm" ('Whispering' Jack Smith, 1928)‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    Crazy rhythm, here's the doorway

    I'll go my way, you'll go your way

    Crazy rhythm, from now on

    We're through.

    Here is where we have a showdown

    I'm too high-hat, you're too low-down

    Crazy rhythm, here's goodbye to you!

    They say that when a high-brow meets a low-brow

    Walkin' along Broadway

    Soon the high-brow

    He has no brow

    Ain't it a shame?

    And you're to blame

    What's the use of prohibition?

    You produce the same condition

    Crazy rhythm, from now on, we're through

    Crazy rhythm, I've gone crazy

    What is the use of prohibition anyway?

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