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crazy question

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by oldheadeadhead, May 2, 2011.

  1. I wonder why the state of Arizona would start passing out medical cards, with no where to get mj? I have been trying for week to find a legal place to get some? I think they should have had dispenseriers(sp) open.
  2. no one? i meen they say paients can swap, or grow your own, how long till a plant is ready? or go and find a caregiver? where is this info found? anyone in Arizona know? I understand this law is new, but they had close to 6 months to plan? any input would be great!
  3. Well depending on the grow methods and strain bro your looking at like 8 weeks or so. But if you have your card and their are no dispensaries why not just get some bud from a friend, grow a plant of your own and wait for it. I understand the point of having the card is to get it safely for medical purposes but if its not set up what can you do. Also there are websites you can use to find MMJ, I think its called weedlist. It's a community dedicated to help patients find medicine. Good luck!
  4. Yea dude I actually been wondering about this too. Im in AZ looking to get a medical card pretty soon like this summer. People said there'd be a ton by April but I dont see sh*t in the way of dispensaries sprouting up. If you find any let me know. And like f*ck it Im down to grow but.....Where the hell are we supposed to get seeds?
  5. The first dispensories should open roughly the 1st of Sep.

    If you get your card now you can grow your own. You can also be in possession of up to 2 1/2 Oz.
    Technically there are no rules in effect concerning trading, but who is to say where your 2 1/2 originated. :smoke:
  6. i have a caregiver here in town. just going to meet about starting a few plants. i ll keep everyone posted on how this works out?

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