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  1. human psychology has come a LONG anyone have crazy psychological facts, expiriences or stories?
    like some soldier came to our school and told me there are words that can make you I guess, think to death, crazy right?
    now check this out.

    10 Psychological Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong
  2. that was depressing
  3. I read a story once about a test/experiment a group was doing, it was gruesome. I doubt i could find it again.
  4. I saw a couple of these on "Dark Matters" on the Science channel. It's weird to think that the unibomber was created by a college experiment.
  5. so whats up with the unibomber thing can you deatail it easier, since wikipedia just gives unecessarry facts to confuse people
  6. this thread needs more emma watson

  7. she looks 16 in that one :S

    Here's some psychology for everyone tho.......whatever we believe becomes the "truth" in our minds :D so if you believe you're going crazy, you kind of are. Something that my buddy Dimitri taught me, pretty interesting how crazy the mind is
  8. crazy shitttttttt
    MK ULTRA is crazyyyyyyyy there's a good documentary on youtube about it

  9. Basically in college, he was as straight laced as they come. Then he took part in this psychological experiment where he was berated and knocked down repeatedly. After that happened, he moved out to the woods and started making bombs.

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