Crazy pipe, and lady

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smokez, May 7, 2006.

  1. K, so i decide i need a new pipe, i go to the mall near my house and go to the smoke shop, i love clear glass pipes personall,y just cuz u can see the air flow and shit anyways, i see a glass one, pretty good size, its like a round glass tube, with a little bowl on the top, u cover 1 sid as a HUGE choke, and its clear.

    So i buy it and as i get in my house my dad is right there, so i take the pipe and put it in my jeans pocket. He told me to help him lift somethin so i was like.. ok, my pipe was in the litle pocket of ur jeans above the right jocket, i fit the end of the tube in there and the bowl was pokin out to the side.. Anyways afte rim done helping him i go upstairs to my room, and as i walk through my door, the bowl falls through my shirt onto the floor. i was like AAWWWW i go back down to the mall pissed as fuck, not knowing if it was my fault or a faulty glass pipe. so i go up to her she rememebes me and we start to argue.

    she keeps tellibn me that theres no way it coulda just broken, but the bowl was broken off , like clean off, nothin else shattered nothing.. after awhile i refuse to leave the store, get a new pipe, and i just blazed out of it.. its so dope, im already in love :)
  2. That sucks. At least your happy though.
  3. Sounds like you're describing a steamroller to me. Did it kinda look like this?

    Anyway, sorry it broke, man, but if you got a replacement then it's all good.

  4. damn feanor thats the second time ive seen that thing and i love it just as much!

    nice that she hooked you up smokez
  5. Thats an amazing looking piece dude. I'd love one like that. Sucks the op's pipe brike, atleast she refunded you/exchanged it? I think?
  6. Everytime I see Feanor's steamroller I jizm in my pants.

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