Crazy Pic - Mushrooms growing on bible

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Hobo173, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. I just stumbled upon this pic today and know nothing about it. Looks like a bible covered in mushrooms. Are these mushrooms psychedelic?

    Would it be possible to grow psychedelic mushrooms like this?

  2. yea those are psychedelic mushrooms. They can grow on a bible using the paper as a substrate, I know you can use cardboard so it must work. I don't know what the reddish stuff is at the bottom of the pic inside the bible. It doesnt look like mycelium flesh. It could be a substrate inside, and then the bible pages act as a water retentioner.
  3. Now that is cool.

    Looks like God is a hippy afterall, I guess the old testament was pre-drug God :p
  4. ew thats what they lok like? and ppl eat those? ahhh thats so nasty...
  5. what did you expect? they're mushrooms...
  6. This bible will make you SEE God.

  7. more like the new testament is the post drug God
  8. ever eaten a cheeseburger?

    THATS fuckin disgusting
  9. now i wish i had THAT! bible
  10. that mycelium does NOT look happy.

    i would not touch those with 40 foot pole
  11. me either

  12. God damnit, Where do I start:

    1. You really had no idea what a cubensis shroom looked like? Well, there you go.

    And a cheeseburger isn't disgusting. The fact that you're vegetarian makes you a little biased, right?

    And doob3r, thank god for the only factual post.

    They look contam. I would NOT advise someone eat those...

    People do some dumb things, but don't realize this: It takes ONE spore that is deadly, just one. As soon as it infects, you is fucked my friend.

    Pretty funny pic nontheless. But that's why we look like assholes. People do irresponsible shit like that.

    Breathe the air that's around the bible. The spores you pick up would probally make you pretty sick.
  13. Ew, want to know something worse?
    People actually eat non-psychedelic shrooms!
    *Vomits all over the thread then offs himself with a .45
  14. im not a vegitarian i cooked steak and eggs last night. i just dont eat meat made from ground up eyes and testicles
  15. is there a bee inside the book at the bottom?
  16. thats sick!!!!

    the inks and shit in the paper would surely fuck with the mushrooms though
  17. Pretty gross looking. On a random note, if you don't like mushrooms, give the mushroom-swiss thickburger a shot at Hardee's, see if you don't make an exception. :devious:
  18. pretty sure it was rogerrabbit over on shroomery who did this one to show what crazy conditions shrooms will still grow in
  19. So the bible IS useful... hah who knew.

  20. Our mcdonalds cheeseburgers down here in aus are 100% australian beef:D

    I heard american mcdonalds cheeseburgers taste like anus.

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