Crazy Night, In a few days theres gonna be a fight

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    Okay. To introduce the night, I had posted in pandoras box on the legitimacy of drinking on clonazepan ( This story incorporates a follow-up to this thread, exploring the idea. The story is long, but if youve just toked up and can read quickly, I don't think it will waste your time.

    Well, It was looking fairly grim on the party side. some friends of mine had a concert for school thats kind of ajoke, so they wanted to get fucked up and had a bottle of wine. by this time i had already been popping some clonazepan, the number i cant remember. we toked some bowls and i drank 1/4 of the wine and was left with one nugget of dank and a few more kpins. (which i had also taken a shit load of on friday, so some was probably still running in my system already.) so the drinking hits me fairly hard coz of the pills. but, i was for the most part just buzzing, i could act fine in front of my parents while i chilled at home trying to find something to do.

    then some of my boys show up at my crib a few hours later, ones got a bottle but has to go home so doesnt want to pass it around, but i manage to milk 4 shots from him. then he and everybody leaves but one dude, ill name him O. O tells me theres this place we can go party at, and im pretty fucked up from the wine, liqour, vapors and clonazepan, and im thinking "i want to get really drunk", not even realizing one was already coming on. but, we can get picked up by one of the girls who lived at the apartment, B. i show up, slap hands wit guests and saw some dudes i had partied with plenty of times and had good chills. it was seeming like it was going to be a good night. eventually we get in on a game of BP, and i'm very fucked up, and O was very bad. we lose badly and quickly, so you figure i had another 2 or 3 beers. this is when the night starts getting hard to remember.

    i was stumbling around being very drunk, falling over and into things and walls, but breaking nothing. so, i was sitting on the couch and this dude D comes up behind me and slaps me a few times. then comes and sits down next to me smiling. this mother fucker is instigating shit on me. and this dude is fresh out of jail cause when he was drunk he shot a gun in public.

    so, of course, i start talking shit coz i aint about to sit here and get slapped. then he stands up asking if we should take it outside, i stand up instantly, though my coordination and balance were beyond uncontrolled, i was ready for something to go down. we talked more shit, then his fucking girlfriend runs inbetween us and gets pissed at something i said and punches me in the nose. i am not going to hit a girl under any circumstances. i didnt know what to do. first thing that came to mind was, i'm leaving. im not gonna hang around and keep partying with a dude i almost fought and his girl who hit me. i get my shoes on, stumble down the stairs and run into a wall, go down the staircase into a hallway and am followed by O.

    he tries talking some sense to me, telling me that i'm at fault, the pills im fucking with of late have been fucking with me and i need to get off of them, that ive been belligerant and deserved to be punched in the face. i had blood all over my hands from wiping what dripped from my nose. and believe me, this girl didnt do me any damage. i wrestle and would get nose bleeds very frequently, its not like she whooped my ass. but saying i had a problem with the pills kind of hit me on a personal note.

    then the two girls who own the apartment come down, the girl apologizes and said she just gets angry. at this point, i just felt like shit and wanted to get high. but, i had no buds left, because i guess i matched with this dude Steve earlier after a round of BP (i hardly remember) but i was pretty chill wit the dude, thogh i think i got bud jacked from me, but no matter, thats petty shit.

    i would have left, but had no car. im a good 40 minutes from home, so i can't walk. after realizing this, i called a friend who ive received ridiculous calls from and gone great lengths to help, so i hoped for a returned favor. no answer, it was 330 AM. so, i go back inside. im thinking fuck everybody here. i go in a room, had a trashbag and puked in there and in the bathroom. i was probably a nightmare for these people, but for what they did to me while i was blacking out is beyond party gags or something forgivable.

    i have a trashbag and am puking and denny and this one faggot named chuck, are fucking with me, putting shaving cream in my hair and shit. then O tells me im making a fool made of myself, theyre fucking with me, so he moves me sayin theres a room i can go in and should just go to sleep and that nobody else would go in. so i sleep on the floor in a room where they have their pets' cages.

    i wake up. my FRESH AS FUCK brewers flat brim that i JUST bought at the mall less than a week ago has glittler glue on it, inside and out and is absolutely ruined. my pants were wet and stained with blood i wiped on them (they wer brown cords, wasnt that noticable). so i go in the room where O and B, one of the girls' whose apartment it was, were both in bed. we start talking and make sense of the night which i can only remember bits and pieces of. i guess one kid left because he thought what people were doing at the party was fucked up (assuming thats a reference to everyone fucking with me after all the alcohol was raging through me with the clonazepan). dennys girl tells me that two of dennys friends showed up and did all the shit to me. obvious lie, but i figured i could maybe clean the hat, and beyond that no harm done. i get a ride home from the same girl who picked me up.

    then, i get a txt from O saying, "yo, this chick says that she feels real sorry about everything and that she wants to buy you a new hat, cause chuck shaved your eyebrow." i go check the mirror before i showered. they shaved off the lower, fuller part of my eyebrow, so the inside half is full with the top of it bieng outlined.

    so i call my boy A, ask for a smoke up and tell him he needs to let me over, this being the dude who i tried calling at 330. so i gave him the skinny. after telling him all that, hes pissed too. we call chuck and say hes fucked and he hangs up. we start talking mad shit. let it be known, this kid is a notorious douchebag who thinks hes the shit and fucks with people at every party and thinks its funny. well he fucked with the wrong people this time and took it too far. last time this kid pulled something, there was a kid who was blackout drunk and had to later be taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, and chuck shoved a swisher up his ass, and paid the kid to fuck him up when he confronted him about it. so, he is a bitch. he is inferior to me.

    then heather, dennys girl, calls and leaves a msg saying we have last night all wrong. i call her back and she asks what im pissed about. i respond with who the fuck shaves someones eyebrow off and ruins someones hat? the conversation escalades, i get heated, i call her a bitch, start screaming "i dont want to talk to you put chuck on the phone," she claims she aint with him so i hang up coz bitch dont matter to me. i want chuck. i know hes still hiding out at their apartment, coz i got a txt from O who talked to B, and chuck was afraid to go home coz he thought me and A were gonna woop his ass coz he thinks he can get away with fucking with me when im blacked out.

    so the shit talking ensued texting on A's phone coz mine is at O's house and wasnt brought to the party, nor do i have it tonight. so then they txtd something along the lines of "i hope yah boy brushed his teeth coz he drank piss." i dont remember this or know of when they wouldve, especially wit O on my watch, but he went outside for a while when chuck and heather were inside. either way, anything to do with piss, is fucked up, tho i dont think i drank it unless i was passed out fucked up and they gave me and said it was juice or something, but i think id remember it. as i said, my pants were wet, so i think theyre bullshitting and MAYBE if anything pissed ON me.

    so my hat is fucked. my hair was fucked. i had so much bullshit in it from their bathroom, i had to take a brush in the shower and pull some of my hair out. my liver is probably aching a little. somehow i was involved with someone else's piss, the specifics of which i dont know. thank god heather has a pussy or i'd punch her in the face for popping me in the nose. dennys talking shit, but hes fresh out of jail, he aint gonna get mixed into any assault charges i'm sure. the other girl, B, is chill and didnt do anything and hates that type of shit. so that leaves chuck, the bitch.

    the last bit of information on this story that i am sure of is that i am heated, i aint scared, and i got four of my boys who are on some ride or die shit. given, i was fucked up, and i kind of brought some of the shit on myself showing up there fucked up and drinking even more on a large, unknown amnt of pills, only knowing maybe a quarter of the people. but i dont give a fuck, i am going to beat the shit out of this kid and teach him a lesson, get him held down to shave both his eyebrows off and possibly hair, and either incapacitate him or hold him down to piss on him or piss in a bottle and pour it on him after his ass gets stomped. this kid is getting jumped and fucked up coz i aint havin that.

    all i can think back to is the morning when everything seemed fine cause everybody was lying to me. i went and looked to see if chuck was awake, and when he opened his eyes and saw me he gave me an uneasy look, and now thinking back, it was like i had heard he did all the shit to me. if i had known it was him i wouldve stomped on his head while he was on the floor and taken his flat brim brewers hat that was right behind him. god damn hearing about all the shit that happened to me after long after i left. after i want to walk away with his flatbrim on after i fuck him up, coz hes always wearing one. and ima jack some doe so i can get another hat like the one i had, if B doesnt pay for it, coz idk how serious that was when she told that to O.

    hope i gave some of y'all a good read. ill be checking back updating as shit escalades.

    so. a definite lesson learned in choose who you party with wisely and DO NOT MIX KPINS WITH ALCOHOL, it is just as bad as mixing xanax or any other pill with alcohol, though you shouldnt need to have heard my story to know that it is a baddd combination.
  2. dammmm, thats deep man.

    forsure you've got a reason to be pissed, keep me updated
  3. that was pretty entertaining

    keep this updated buddy
  4. Honestly, who wears flat brims?

    1st: you are blowing the whole thing out of proportion. It was just a hat and part of your eyebrow. try walking around with "feed me cock" on your forehead in permanent marker for about a week, with no eyebrows.

    2nd: next time don't drink so much, you basically set yourself up for this.

    3rd: drop the gangster shit, "nu-uuhh sistaaa, you messed with the wrong biaaatch on the wrong dayyyy!!" fighting gets you nowhere, fighting is for pussies. find a more ingenious way to fuck his shit up.
  5. Yeah dude you really shouldn't have left your house if you were that fucked up.
    You probably said things to really piss everyone off at the party without realizing it.
  6. i think u were blowing it out of proportion. BUT if the did shove anything up another guys ass as a prank. fuck that dude up. especially ruining a buzz like that.. its a shame.
  7. beat the shit out of him. thats what i'd do
  8. pills make people crazy + alcohol make people crazier, sounds like you dont remember shit so you could have very well had it coming

  9. this whole thing is completely your own fault, and you got what's coming to you, if I had been there I would have done worse to you. It's the price you pay for eating too many pills / drinking more than your head can hold.
    That said you shouldn't let chuck get away with it. Just spike him so that he passes out then superglue his entire body to the floor, shave his head and superglue the hair onto his face, then take a shit on him for one up-man ship.
  10. Please post a picture of yourself, OP.

    After I see a picture, it'd be easy to tell if your the douche bag here or not.

    I'm having a feeling I'll see some white kid in "flat brimmed" hat wearing a hoodie with all different kinds of small little pictures that probably have nothing to do with outerwear. All this set inside a suburban home with nice furnishings....

  11. oh yeah he IS a douchebag.
  12. thank you for not making a wall of text.

    The only time ive seen someone drink on kpinds, they broke someone's nose.

    that shits fucked up man, fuck there shit up.
  13. sounds like someone is gonna get their ass stomped!
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    uhhh yall joking wit that guido shit right? your telling me that anybody you know whos been at a party wearing a flatbrim is a douchebag guido? fuck yall when it comes to that. believe me, i aint the douchebag in this situation, and ill try to post a pic, but am gonna have to look for my camera.

    as i said, i probably brought some of it on myself for taking too many kpins and then drinking way too much. but let me reiterate; i don't give a fuck, because this kid is NOTORIOUS for fucking with kids when theyre incapacitated. you dont fucking know me and are making some far-off assumptions. HE SHOVED A SWISHER UP SOME KIDS ASS and yall got the nerve to call ME THE DOUCHEBAG? i didn't break any of their shit, i didnt do anything but stand up for myself and got fucked with beyond what are acceptable party gags.

    yeah, i admit i was saying stupid shit and making a fool of myself, which could have pissed people off. whats fucked up is that O tells me i was coherent and talking wit everybody, but i dont remember half the shit he told me about. either way i dont give a fuck. a ruined hat is throwing 30$ in the garbage, and it wasnt just the hat and the eyebrow, somehow i was involved with someone elses piss.

    you dont ruin peoples property, put them in contact with your urine, or do something permanant to a face (ok its not permanent, itll grow back, but temporarily). but whate i just found out and know is that ALL of the shit done to me was by this chuck kid, except the other girl who owns the apt, not B, probably put all the glitter glue in/on my hat. and on top of that the bitch punched me in the nose cause she knew her boyfriend wasnt gonna touch me or he'd get locked back up.

    that being said. greg. i bought ONE flatbrim. ONE.
    you know why? because it had the ILL pepsi line through the baseball in the glove that only old school brewers logos have. i had a black and white version of this hat, but its too small now cause it was my brothers that he copped back in the 90's. when i saw a look-a-like of it, i HAD to have it. fuck you if youre a metal head or some preppy faggot, in fact i dont give a fuck who you are or your persona, you shouldnt judge somebody coz of their fucking hat. come around milwaukee during a brewers game with a sign saying "ALL OF YOU WEARING FLATBRIMS ARE DOUCHEBAGS".

    and sorry if you had both eyebrows shaved off and some dick shit written on your forehead, but thats only proving that youve been where ive been and have been fucked with, and if you didnt retaliate, that makes you a bitch.

    i aint tryin to get on any e-thug shit, but ima defend myself on that shit coz im not on some i'm a fuckin thug from the streets shit, im jus talkin real, all i know is that if a mother fucker crosses me how this dude did, i aint gonna sit down like a little bitch.

    fighting WILL get me somewhere. itll give me redemption for this kid taking advantage of me while i'm comatose. fuck, what if it had been xanax and i fucking died?

    how can you say fighting is for pussies and that i need to find an ingenious way to fuck this kid up?

    what is more brilliant than beating the shit out of him myself, then having my friends help me hold him down, shave off both of his eyebrows and parts of his hair, plug his nose and pour piss down his throat? i don't know what you do to people who fuck with you, but im on some eye for an eye shit. so you can shut the fuck up with trying to tell me i need to get off the "uhh ima fuckin gangster" bullshit.

    and, no fucking shit, i'm not gonna pull the same shit again, i learned my lesson, kpins for the weekdays, alcohol for the weekends, bud all the time.:smoking:

    ima keep yall posted tho. im working on finding out when i can catch this kid by himself. it will also likely be video taped.
  15. Firstly, how the fuck is somebody going to judge another man by a fashion accessory? Personally, I don't were fitteds, but its because they don't look good on my dome. Those shits are so expensive. My roommate has dozens of them.

    Secondly, it does seem like a shitty thing to do to go so someone who your not very tight with's house really fucked up and get really more fucked up and start shit. Even if you didn't start with, you did put yourself in a potentially destructive situation.

    Thirdly, stomp that bitch ass punk out.
  16. Ill tell that entire story with one mathematical inequality. Alcohol<Cannabis.
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    Epic fail
  18. i'm not gonna lie..... i'd bring a bat to his head straight mob. but that's just me. i get way too angry. that cannabis gotta calm me down :smoking:

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