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  1. damn, i did alil to much mush on a empty stomach, i dissapeared for like 4 hours and just relized i was in a feild, and my smokes kept on melting... like i have done alot of mush but this was differnt, you could ask me any question and i would know the answere yet i couldent even figure out what planet i was on, the ground kept on turning to the ocean, somehow i started my trip and it was dry outside and i finished my trip and it was all wet outside, yet i was outside for the whole time...... suposedly i didnt have a sitter for most of the time and when we found someone sober i asked her like 1000 questions, like what time it was, what day, am i soked, is my cig's melting, is that street sign actully 10000x taller than me, the best of it all...

    the first thing i remember kicking in was we went into a gas station for like 3 min, and the sandwichs looked like fucking the most amazing things ever, so bright and colourful, anyway, the sky kept on changing colours every 5 seconds maybe....

    at the end of the trip i asked that chick if i was acting fine or like my other friend, and she said i was perfictly fine, actept for like maybe a few random moments when i would be like I FIGURED IT ALL OUT MAN, ITS GOOD I FIGURED IT ALL OUT.

    anything like this happen to you or someone you know, like a full fucking out blowen mush trip.
  2. sounds like a killer time. How much did you take btw? This inspires me to find some mushrooms now.
  3. well i had a half

    gave away a gram
    and had like a gram in the morning and gave like another 2 g's to my friend
    so like maybe 5 g's cuz i did the same amount with my other friend so yeah like around 5 or 4 g's
  4. DAmn sounds good recently just took some cid', but i dont feel like typing it. must have been some killer shrooms. sounds like u had a blast lol.
  5. LOL @ "Am I soaked?"

    hahaha killer

    mushrooms feel so "mushy"... one guy i know called them "goopy"... my first trip, it felt like my socks were damp as hell but they weren't wet... and the moisture on my fingertips were like made of shrooms... i think you must know what I mean.... (?)
  6. this story makes me want to try mushrooms.. mainly because everyones experience on mushrooms is just as amazing if not more amazing then the first time they got stoned or something, except everytime you do them it happens.

    Im sure there are tons of topics on this forum to get me educated on the 'shroom' eh?

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