crazy mushroom trip

Discussion in 'General' started by homeless box, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. I got a trip log its so great. I love its a pretty cool trip

    Dude we got to totally love the world we live in, im just posting up from orlando, smoking dat good shit

    Its such a crazy experience. Its such a buetiful world we live, such an intense experience. Its like living like a child. I dunno. Its something you should do everyone once and while. Humbling i love trippping but i love smoking Homeless. pure extasy.

    If youve ever tried mushrooms some of the shit you type feel sso from the heart

    Start 12:45

    T+5 minutes – I feel the ominous glow from the pot I had smoked earlier. I was feelin high and shit and was starting to feel the shrooms come on. Hot Fuzz was pretty funny though kinda freaky. We needed to smoke more pot but I wanted my mom to be in bed for like a half hour first.

    T+20 minutes – I took 7 caps just for the record downing it with minute
    maid lemonade. Im pretty high right now watching hot fuzz its kinda creepy but funny. I feel a warm sensation and a general happiness. Its pretty nice.

    T+30 minutes – Im defiantly very high with very nice visuals and trippy lights. Friend fucks with me, im high enough but I can still tell.

    T+1:15 minutes – im really fuckin tripping, the movie hot fuzz was really a good chocice cause I saw it before, times just racing buy im having alo to fun. I still got a lot of time left though. I got munchies this movie rocks and is funny I love it a lot . I feel like im ranting a bit. Bye

    T+3 hours and beyond – I have no concept of time. I have no memory whatsoever but am throroughly enjoying the trip. I found a stray mushroom on my bed and freaked out because I thought it was a dead bee. I jumped about for a minute before eating it. I keep asking my friend what were doing as we pack the bowl it’s a whole lot of fun.
  2. Haha, I typed around a page tripping on mushrooms one time. Absolute gibberish. Its amusing though.
  3. lol i am going to do that one day - Good idea
  4. i put my trip log up time to go take a shower
  5. i keep mental notes of my trips

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