Crazy morning!!

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  1. Oh snap people, listen to this. It was a messed up morning, and I know it isn't that great of a story, but I feel like I have to post this.

    I wake up this morning, and I decide to make a nice little home made bong. I head over to Lowe's to buy some PVC and my usual bong making materials, and I buy a $25 gift certificate for pops for father's day.
    I go home, crank some tunes, and build this bong. The bong is done, I test it out with a bowl of some mids I had lying around... all is well.
    I call my buddy Zach up, ask him if he wants to try my new bong out, OF COURSE, he right over and we are toking on my bong.
    About 5 minutes after the session is done, we are chilling behind my garage smoking a cigarette.
    Out of nowhere!, my parents get home (about 12:30) and are wondering why my buddy's truck is in their way. THANK GOD it was in the way, because I had left the bong right under my truck (in clear way), and if they wouldv'e come up the drive way, they totally wouldv'e seen my bong (which would not be good at all).
    So, Zach moves his truck, I slickly move my bong, and pick up all the cig butts. I had accidentally left my Mom's glue gun outside because I had to use some hot glue to perfect my bong. She did not notice the bong/cigarettes/smoke/loud music in my room/or random bong supplies on my bed.. all she saw was the fucking glue gun.
    She inquired me about why I had the glue gun out... my respsonse (being baked out of my mind) was - I was just gluing some sticks together... I was bored. She is of course suspicious but can't put the facts together that I was smoking the reefer out there. They seem really mad at me, but as I leave for work, they were just cool and did not do a damn thing too me. When I got home.. nothing... They just said supper was in the fridge for me...

    I get so close to getting in trouble so often, but I can always recover and hide the evidence. I kind of think that they just don't want to believe that I am a stoner, but oh well.
  2. dude thats great man, my friend is terrible at smoking, i mean terrible, everytime he gets into a run in with the law, like today i forgot my scale in his room and he;s like your never gonna beleive what happened, and i'm like you got busted again didnt you, he;s like man, i was just smoking a bowl and and this cop rolls by and starts looking at me,

    yesterday we were smoking a bowl out of a corn cobb pipe, yeah an old mans pipe so it wasnt like we had the bong out, and we start to roll down the steet, we're on foot by the way, and i forgot my money( to buy more weed ) so i go back to my house and he calls me the cops just rolled by asking if i saw some guys smoking pot,

    everytime , he;s bad luck but hey he seems to get out of it everytime so i dont even know any more

    i have never gotten in a run in with the law while smoking but everytime it seems like they follow him or something
  3. Hahaha, I know what you mean. Just yesterday morning, me and Zach were smoking at my house again behind the garage. We were just chilling there packing another bowl, when a fucking cop on a FUCKING BIKE rolls by on the street no more than 40 ft away from us. We were frozen, just chilling there with a bag of weed in one hand and my pipe in the other. This cop doesn't see us at all either, and we just walk away slowly and drive up to a asfe spot to calm our nerves. Crazy stuff ALL WEEK!
  4. yeah this kid isnt to bright though

    i mean your smoking in public so roll a joint, or a fat blunt so it looks like a cigar/cigarette, but the scary thing is he is borrowing my spoon and im freaking cause everyday is a close call and i dont want to lose my baby
  5. You mean me roll a joint or blunt?

    yeah, I wouldn't want to lose a nice piece either.
  6. close calls are always sooo scary man...ur a lucky one haha. good story
  7. Yeah, it doesn't really fuck up your high, but it makes you have a really paranoid one.
  8. btw...when we gonna meet up and smoke bro! lol
  9. especially when your high as a kite, and your heart is going a mile a minute wvwn though that cop wasnt even looking at you

    the paranoia after the fact is the worst cause you think the government is after you and that the cops are tapping your phone and going through your garbage
  10. Hahaha, I was thinkg about that too, I'll just PM you.
  11. Coming home from dennys on the night of prom me and my friend justin we're smoking in his car. We finish a bowl and im like im gonna pack another we was like, ok but im gonna pass on this one. so i packed it and took 3 hits and the car behind us turned on its lights. i fucking freaked out and tossed the bowl and weed into a shoe in the backseat. we pulled over and the cop blew right by us. we were freaked out.
  12. Oh damn! That couldv'e been bad times. Good thing you came out lucky though!
  13. yeah me and a buddy were going to pick up a zip and we were high, cause who doesnt buy weed high, well we're stopped at areedlight and on green this biker takes off down the street and im like damn he's flying and then when we get through the light this car behind me flashed his lights and im like fuck its the cops, it was a cop trying to pull over the biker and im high and have no idea what to do so i pull into the suicide lane (florida ) an the cop flies by, my friend was like yo you freaked out man and i was like

    we're fucking stoned and about to get pulled over what do you think i'm worried about burning the muffins
  14. ^^
    Haha, that's what I would do too man.
  15. yo, i know i cant do anything Tom cause of my mom lol. maybe another time. its the summer we got all summer
  16. For sure, we got plenty o' time.
  17. Damn man... that was a pretty good excuse though. I was glueing sticks together because I was bored...

    I would of been like... errr... I was huffing hot glue? Shit...
  19. I came home after smoking in town with my friends and had red eyes so i put on my hat low and walk upstairs and my aunt ran up before me and said hes here hes here! and his eyes are red so i run up to my room and i tought my mom was gonna come so i was freaking out but she didnt come and when i went back to normal i went down and she acted like nothing happend i dont even know if this did happen its weerd
  20. Im so glad my parents are over me smoking/growing.. they dont smoke either :)

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